Smarte Jack | Boat Lift Wheel Kit (2 Pack)

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  • Smarte Jack | Boat Lift Wheel Kit (2 Pack)
  • Smarte Jack | Boat Lift Wheel Kit (2 Pack)
  • Smarte Jack | Boat Lift Wheel Kit (2 Pack)
  • Smarte Jack | Boat Lift Wheel Kit (2 Pack)
$495.95 - $583.93



Introducing the Smarte Jack! Moving your boat lift no longer requires a team of people and a back ache. Now, you can move your boat lift as easy as wheeling a wheelbarrow - and all by yourself! Simply attach the two Smarte Jacks and you can use a cordless drill to raise and lower your boat lift over 20 inches, giving you the power to move your boat lift with just 1 person.

About the Smarte Jack:

  • Moves your boatlift quickly and easily
  • Retractable Wheels
  • Can level boat lifts using only a cordless drill
  • Moves up and down 20 inches
  • One person operation


Once attached, your problem is permanently solved… The Smarte Jack fits on most boat lifts, and once you attach your Smarte Jack you’ll never have to remove it. Unless of course you want to - but we don’t see why you would.

You can move your lift quickly and easily… With the entire rig being made of lightweight aluminum and plastic wheels, moving your boat lift becomes a project you can complete entirely by yourself!

Never worry about your boat lift getting where it needs to be… 2 heavy duty plastic wheels means you can roll over almost any terrain. Plus, each Smarte Jack is rated to a 700 lbs capacity!

Product Information

  • Is made from light-weight aluminum
  • Fits on most boat lifts 
  • One-time, easy installation
  • Uses heavy duty plastic wheels 
  • Is easy to level: adjusts up and down 20” 
  • Adjusts with wrench or cordless drill 
  • Rolls easily on all terrains
  • 700 lb Capacity per Smarte Jack 
  • Fits 1 7/8" and 2" Wheels Hubs

What's Included

2 Smarte Jacks, 4.5" stainless steel carriage bolts, and brass nylon lock nuts; 2 additional poly wheels (If selected)

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