T-Weeder | Aquatic Weed Removal Tool

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  • t-weeder lake weed cutter puller
  • t-weeder lake weed cutter puller
  • t-weeder lake weed cutter puller
  • T-Weeder | Aquatic Weed Removal Tool
  • t-weeder lake weed cutter puller
  • t-weeder lake weed cutter puller
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The T-Weeder Tool is a unique weeding tool consisting of a 5' long handle with a 3' wide head connected to the end, forming a "T" shape. To effectively and efficiently remove weeds from your lakeshore, the T-Weeder head has two 3' plates of solid aluminum, each ¼" thick, firmly attached to the handle and spaced 1" apart.

The aluminum T-Weeder 'teeth' are what allows for long-term weed removal. For use in lake, river, pond, or any body of water, the T-Weeder has a series of 1" long teeth that span the entire leading edge on both layers of the T-Head. These weed-eating teeth grab at the stems of aquatic weeds as you pull the T-Weeder tool by its handle or rope back into shore. This ‘weeder that works’ will clean up any area where you want to swim, fish or wade, in a way you have to see to believe!

t-weeder-lake-pond-seaweed-puller-tool.jpgA 5' long handle made of galvanized metal is sandwiched at one end between the two T-Head 'teeth' plates. With a 25' rope connected to the other end of the handle, going into the end of the tool to ensure no weeds get tangled, you can use this rake to get a clean lakeshore with ease.

The sturdy rake construction and materials used eliminates concerns about possible rusting. While the T-Weeder is very strong it is also lightweight, making your aquatic weed removal an easy one-person job.

The T-Weeder aquatic rake weighs only 6-pounds, so it can easily be tossed out the entire length of its 30' range by nearly anyone.


The T-Weeder works in a similar way to another seaweed pulling tool that we offer by ShoreTech Industries named the Weed-Ripper.  Both of these products are designed to grab an pull seaweed by the roots instead of only cutting.

The T-Weeder Tool is a water weed rake / puller that quickly and easily eliminates unwanted aquatic weeds which may be invading your swimming, boating or fishing areas, and hindering your enjoyment of the water. Swim and wade without the tickling and tangling of lake weeds!

Lightweight, the T-Weeder can easily be pitched, as you would a softball, out into the water with an extra shove of the hand for distance. This can be done from the beach or dock, or any other stable platform.

The T-Weeder quickly sinks to the lake bottom, among the unwanted weeds. As the T-Weeder skims along the bottom while it is being pulled back in, the unique design of the teeth along the 3' wide "T-Head" grabs at and pulls out any aquatic weeds in its path

Using the 25' rope that is attached to the T-Weeder handle, pull the rake back towards you and bring in your harvest of unwanted aquatic weeds! Repeat this process until you have cleared the area of lake water that you wish to enjoy.

Once the T-Weeder is pulled in the weeds are easily shaken off, and it is ready to be tossed out again. The T-Weeder can reach where many other devices can not, and it is more efficient at removing aquatic weeds than other devices.

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8 Reviews

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    Aquatoc weed removal tool

    Posted by Bonnie R on 3rd Sep 2021

    This weed removal works great. My son and I used it to get rid of a lot of weeds that came this year. It is heavy, and I couldn't toss it as far as my son did, but I was there to help him and cheer him on. Dock area looks better already. We will use it again this fall and hopefully stop some of the spring weeds.

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    Posted by Darwin Stall on 28th Jul 2021

    I use other tools for cleaning up my lakebottom in depths of 4' or less, but my T-weeder is perfect for pulling in the weeds in deeper waters at the end of dock. I used to use my weed razor, but now prefer the T-weeder. I do like not having to clean up the floating mess after the razor. I like the idea of a weed being pulled in roots and all vs cutting(w/razor). Careful...this tool is not as dangerous as the weed razor, but you definitely want to be mindful of the rope on this. Be sure that you are not standing on part of it as you throw or part of rope is rapped over a dock post. You do not want to have this tool bounce back at you. Great tool!

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    T weeder

    Posted by Favorite lake tool yet! on 26th Jul 2021

    I have massive beds of Lilly pads around our lake beach. This tool enables me to pull up many pads at a time. Very effective!

  • 4

    Posted by Jeff on 9th Sep 2019

    works good, coiuld be a little wider

  • 5

    Posted by Kitty on 6th Sep 2019

    This worked very well for us.

  • 5

    Posted by Leonard M on 25th Sep 2018

    So glad I purchased the T-Weeder. But I had no idea all the work I was asking for! It's not difficult to throw the T-Weeder out into the pond and pull in the weeds. The hard part is carting all the weeds away! Works great on the cattails that grow in clumps- pulls the entire plant out with the roots. Does not work well on the grass I have- just pulls out individual strands. For that I should have purchased the WeedShear too!

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    T weeder

    Posted by Colleen on 26th Jun 2018

    Works great. Would definitely recommend it!!

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    Amazing Tool!

    Posted by Anna Mae on 25th Sep 2016

    I purchased the T-Weeder as a gift for my husband. We had been fighting algae and weed growth in our large natural backyard pond all summer. We tried skimming, we tried adding an expensive algae liquid compound, we tried pulling by hand (very tedious and time consuming)...all to no avail. My husband was skeptical for all of 20 seconds after opening the package. With the first toss of the T-Weeder, he was hooked! Literally! The amount of weed and algae clean up that occurred in the next two days was phenomenal! The T-Weeder pulled everything up by the roots leaving a wonderfully clear pond for our fish and ourselves to enjoy. Not only that, we now have a means of keeping it that way! Can't say enough about this simple, but effective tool. Easy to use with instant results!!! Love it!

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