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Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool

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  • tool that pulls underwater weeds
  • Seaweed Cutter puller tool
  • Weed Ripper Cutting and Pulling Weeds
  • Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
  • Lake Weed Puller - Weed Ripper
  • Tool for cutting and pulling weeds in lake
  • Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
  • Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
  • Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
  • Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
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The Weed-Ripper is a unique tool is designed to pull aquatic weeds by the roots so they cannot grow back as quickly. Works best for underwater weeds including lily pads (water lilies) pencil reeds and most other lake and pond vegetation with stems under 1 inch in diameter.  If the weeds are too deeply rooted the Weed Ripper will still remove them by cutting or ripping their stems below the water surface.  We do not recommend using the WeedRipper to cut Cattails.  If you are looking for tools for cutting cattails visit our cattail cutters category for a full selection.


The Weed Ripper works best on weeds that have stems 1" wide or less including Lily Pads, Pencil, Bull rushes, Elodea, Water celery, VallisneriaEel grass and similar kinds of submersed and emersed aquatic vegetation.
Throw it out from a dock or shoreline and retrieved using the 25' rope and a shorter handle. Or you can connect all of the handles to pull seaweed around your dock or shoreline. The unique tapered design of the pulling teeth make it easy to remove pulled weeds from the WeedRipper head.
Handle Options:
  • 4 ft (stub handle) Works best for primarily throwing and retrieving.
  • 7 ft Handle - Includes Stub Handle + Pistol Grip Handle
  • 11 ft Handle - Includes above + 4 ft extension
  • 15 ft Handle - Includes above + two x 4 ft extensions

(all options include 25 ft Rope)

  • The Weed Ripper features a 3 foot wide heavy duty aluminum head.
  • handle choices:  4 ft - 7 ft - 11 ft - 15 ft
  • The unique curved handle grip makes it easier to pull dense loads with less effort.
  • Comes with a 25 ft rope allowing you to cut and pull weeds by tossing out and retrieving.


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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Weed Ripper

    Posted by Judy on 4th Jun 2021

    Product works great. Purchased the longest handled version and am able to mix and match sections (including capacity to throw out a 4’ section on a rope) to progressively cut through deep thick pond weeds. The flat angle of slicer works great when navigating pond’s floor...doesn’t get caught on rocks. Retrieves large swathes of pond grasses. Am still working through the best strategy for dumping pond grass off tool vs pulling off with hand, but have some ideas. Neighbors who have other tools have come over to see this in action and we’re really impressed with how well it works on our shared pond. Thank you for thinking outside box when designing!

  • 5
    Worth the wait (was on back order)

    Posted by Beth on 23rd Sep 2020

    We spent the summer waiting for the weed ripper to be available again. Living in Colorado it’s difficult to find pond tools locally. This was our last hope for removing weeds in our pond. The weed ripper worked perfectly and quickly removed a summer’s worth of weeds that we couldn’t control any other way. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    weed ripper

    Posted by Bill from Minnesota on 2nd Jun 2020

    I have purchased many different products over the years (as much as $2000 for one). NOTHING equals the ease and effectiveness of the weed ripper for removal of bottom weeds/rushes. As an added bonus, removal of weeds from the device is easy. I also appreciate that there are no sharp edges or teeth , reducing risk of injury to my grandchildren or myself. Superior product.

  • 5
    Product/customer service

    Posted by Laura on 13th Sep 2019

    Customer service ( Carl) went above & beyond in helping me with the Weedripper & what I needed to get my lakefront property looking good again. We purchased the 15 ft extension & it was perfect! Our area is looking great & My husband is happy with my purchase & so are our neighbors!! Very easy to use. Thank you!!!

  • 5
    Awesome Product

    Posted by SK on 14th Aug 2019

    I had weeds all around my dock. It made fishing and swimming impossible. Purchased this product and was sceptical whether it would work. Work perfectly. I didn’t buy the extension rods only the Weeders with 4 foot attached rod. Came with the rope. Worked exactly like it said it would. Had all the weeds removed in 20 minutes and in a pile to dry out and then burned. Back fishing again!! I would recommend this product highly.

  • 5
    Weed puller

    Posted by Robert G on 3rd Aug 2019

    Works great. Is very good quality it is designed to pull easily

  • 5
    Weed Ripper

    Posted by John D on 3rd Aug 2019

    Works better than I expected. 77 ft of frontage completely filled with milfoil. I am not done but have cleared a significant area. Very pleased.

  • 5
    Weed Ripper

    Posted by Cathy Arment on 20th Jul 2019

    A wonderful tool ! Giving the Ripper a toss and then retrieving with the rope works best for me- gets to the bottom and gets a great grip- you can feel the weeds being ripped out. I love it and so do my neighbors !

  • 5
    Works Great

    Posted by John on 12th Apr 2019

    The Weed Ripper does a great job of clearing weeds from our Florida lake, it gets them out by the roots.

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