WaterBug Aquatic Weed Harvester | Remote Controlled & Battery Powered

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WaterBug | Remote Controlled Lake & Pond Weed Harvester


The Waterbug 3.0 is a remote controlled aquatic lake weed harvester featuring a harvesting camera that shows what the Waterbug sees on the remote screen.  It is designed for managing aquatic vegetation and floating debris in lakes, ponds, and water bodies of all sizes. 

It is 5.4’ wide by 11’ 9” long but weighs only 370 lbs. and boasts a storage bunk capacity of 600 lbs. which is double the capacity over the 2.0 model! This makes it easy for one person to use as it fits on a compact trailer that can be pulled behind a 4-wheeler or garden tractor. 

It floats in as little as 4” of water and can cut and skim 34” wide, is adjustable to 15-16” water depth by remote control (can be set to a 24" depth manually), and features long-lasting batteries that can operate 5 hours on a single charge. The Waterbug has a remote sight range of 500 feet making it an ideal solution for individual pond owners and golf courses in need of an effective pond weed and algae solution!



The Waterbug has a remote sight range of 500 feet making it an ideal solution for individual pond owners and golf courses in need of an effective pond weed and algae solution!

Key Features

  • Remote controlled with harvester mounted camera & operator viewing screen
  • 3 in 1 cutter, skimmer, & collector
  • Long lasting batteries w/5 hour run time on a single charge
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 600 lbs.
  • 500 feet sightline range
  • One person operation
  • Includes trailer designed to be pulled behind a garden tractor, ATV/UTV (not street legal)
  • Optional Attachments: sickle-cutter and set of two skimmer boom extensions

The Waterbug Harvester has a front conveyor to collect weeds and floating debris from the water.  A second storage bunk conveyor stores harvested material that can be off-loaded easily at the shoreline when full.  The Waterbug is intuitive to use and simple to operate and is backed by a peace-of-mind one year warranty

WaterBug Specifications

  • 600 lb storage bunk capacity
  • Long-lasting battery powered
  • 15 amp charger with 5 hour charge time
  • Operates 5 hours on a single charge
  • Made from marine grade aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Total weight is 375 lbs.
  • 34.5” harvesting width
  • 24” maximum cutting depth
  • 4” minimum operating depth
  • Variable speed steering
  • 1,000’ remote site range

The 3.0 WaterBug includes an on-board harvesting camera and a detachable operator viewing screen! The harvester-mounted camera gives the operator a close-up view of the front of machine while harvesting or cutting, similar to if you were sitting on the machine. It is helpful for following weed lines, rounding corners, or when the machine is facing away from the operator.  The camera also features IR night vision capabilities.  The controller screen is 4 inches in length and width with a resolution is 480p. 

The standard Waterbug comes with 2 long-lasting lead-acid batteries, live camera with remote viewing screen, and a set of two net extensions.

The following add-on options are also available:

  • Sickle Bar
  • Skimmer Boom Extensions
    (Contact us for pricing and details)

Waterbug is a one of a kind modular aquatic cleanup machine designed for harvesting aquatic weeds, algae and floating debris of all kinds in ponds, lake shores, channels, and more! Our Patent Pending design is custom engineered to make lake & pond cleaning simple, fun, affordable, and available to everyone. Maintaining your waterfront is now easier and quicker than ever before.

Waterbug comes with a variety of modular attachments that allow the machine to function well in all environments.

VISIT WaterBugHarvester.com or CLICK HERE to learn more!

Call us at 877-224-4899 for more information and pricing!

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