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Aquatic Weed Harvesters

If you need a commercial harvesting solution, Weeders Digest can help. We have outfitted lake associations, businesses, cities, homeowners, and a variety of other fine organizations with the right machine and hardware to address their nuisance problems in a timely and cost effective manner. Weeders Digest offers three state-of-the-art aquatic weed harvesters. The Eco Cutter, Mobitrac, and Eco-Harvester along with a large variety of option packages. Some capable of operating on land, water, wetlands, swamps, lakes and ponds! Buy your new or used Lake Weed Harvester now! and we have knowledgeable staff that can train you to use the equipment as well. Please give us a call for additional information, check them out below. You can now learn about all of our aquatic harvesting machines in one place by visiting