Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic Weed Control

 Aquatic Weed Control Products For Your Lake

Aquatic weeds can become difficult to control when left untreated.  They ruin swimming areas, recreational activities, fishing and are an eyesore.  

At Weeders Digest, we carry the largest selection of aquatic weed control and lake weed control products for sale.  Whether you are dealing with floating weeds like duckweedalgae, submerged plants like Curlyleaf Pondweed, or emergent plants like cattails, our large selection of lake weed removal products ensures we have the right solution to rid your lake or pond from unwanted aquatic plants.

Unsure of what types of aquatic weeds you have in your lake?  This article can help you identify pond and lake weeds that are common throughout the United States and Canada.  You can also give us a call or use our contact form to speak with an expert who can help you identify the type of aquatic weed you have in your lake or pond.

If you know what you are looking for, you can buy products on our website ranging from hand-held cutters such as the Weed Shear to electric motor powered seaweed cutters that mount on your boat.

We also carry affordable gas powered lake weed cutting tools and the fully automated Lake Groomer that will pull, kill and remove any type of underwater weed while also managing the muck, mud and silt on the bottom of your beach.