Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Deluxe Package

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  • Beach Groomer - Lakeshore management muck removal prevention water powered tool from weeders digest
  • Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Deluxe Package



The Beach Groomer

Remove Lake Weeds and Lake Muck

The Beach Groomer is a portable lake weed and lake muck removing tool that gets rid of both rooted and dead weeds underwater on your lake shore. It removes aquatic weeds by dragging chains in a 360 degree 16’ diameter area to remove aquatic plants and sediment build up. 

The Beach Groomer is powered by water pressure provided by the 1 hp Monarch/Little Giant lawn irrigation pump.  The pump pressure turns the 16’ diameter arms in a 360 degree circular pattern which enables the chains to dig up aquatic plants and agitate lake muck/sediment so that it dissipates in the lakes natural water current.

The product is extremely portable as it has a wheel base that enables you to reposition so that you can clean up your entire water front!  The lawn irrigation pump system works great as a power washer for your water toys, docks, piers, and decks.

To maximize your value, you can also use your lawn irrigation pump to water your lawn and draw water directly from your lake or pond.  You can connect to your existing underground sprinkler system or simply attach garden hoses and sprinkler heads-works great either way!

NOTE: The Beach Groomer is powered by an Irrigation Pump. If you do not have a pump this will be necessary. CLICK HERE for pump pricing.

Benefits Of The Beach Groomer

  • Prevents aquatic weeds from growing and settling down.
  • Removes silt and muck build-up.
  • Helps power wash water toys, docks and boats.
  • Portable and easy to move around or share with a neighbor.
  • Can be used to water the garden or lawn with nutrient rich lake water.
NOTE: Package price may be less depending on the features you are looking for. CALL US BEFORE PLACING ORDER 877-224-4899

See the Beach Groomer in action


  • 2 Seven-foot arm units with galvanized steel chains
  • 2 50-foot lengths of 1.5” flexible PVC hose with quick connects
  • Swivel assembly with wheels
  • Blossom fountain head will spray up to 25 feet
  • 1 inch flow-control valve – controls fountain spray height.
  • 2 quick connect port covers – remove the arms and covers the ports so you may use the fountain only. The arms are out of the way.
  • 3 extensions (for fountain head water depth placement from 21”–67”)

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