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AquaThruster Customer Reviews

Posted by Weeders Digest on 3rd Aug 2016

What Customers Are Saying About Their Aqua Thruster

12 years ago Weeders Digest was founded with a couple aquatic weed cutters, rakes, and a single goal. To offer the largest and best selection of shoreline management solutions. Since then we still have the same goal and now have one of the largest selection of products and have become of the leading experts in our field. One of our greatest achievment has been the creation of the AquaThruster product line. It has quickly become a customer favorite and we just wanted to share some of the amazing things they have to say about it. These are real unedited reviews by real customers who have real issues just like you.

"So worth it!  Don't bother with aquatic weed control products, don't bother with anything else, just get a thruster end of story."  Posted by Nate S. on 27th Jul 2016

"Can't believe I waited so long! After 6 years of hating the 18 inches of muck that I'd sink into off the end of our dock and the kids not wanting to swim because of all the curly leaf pond weed, I finally broke down and purchased an aqua thruster with the 360 oscillator...and can't believe I waited six years to do it. It has completely transformed our swim area, and I still can't believe that we now have a hard bottom! It's a leap of faith well worth taking."  Posted by Greg M on 24th Jul 2016

"Great product! Works great at removing snails from the lake bottom." Posted by Jeff S on 21st Jul 2016

"I needed something powerful for a big job.This machine works even better than I expected
It was like a beaver dam by our dock and now we can swim.The  Aqua Thruster saved us from having to sell our cottage." Posted by Dan on 16th Jul 2016

"The Solution!  I've been fighting weeds, muck and algae for years.
Due to the flood last year the weeds and algae came early and have been ferocious.
The Aqua Thruster has cleaned it all out and the kids can use the water again for 4th of July party blast on the beach." Posted by Theresa Feldman on 2nd Jul 2015


"The 1 HP model moves some water! Solid product. Quite happy with results. It moves serious water and has a positive effect on the quality of my beach area." Posted by Gary K on 1st Jul 2016

"Muck No More! Purchased a 3/4 hp Thruster and muck just disappears. I will say I had great customer service, and the unit is well built. The only draw back is that it's a bit heavy, but it does the job." Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2016

"Way more thrust than I was expecting! I only have two words....BUY IT!!!!! " Posted by Tom on 11th May 2016

"Best lake purchase ever! I plugged the Aqua Thruster in for less then 24 hours and the lake bottom around the dock is already clear!Amazing - Fantastic" Posted by Dan T on 30th Apr 2016

"Amazing - Fantastic! I plugged the Aqua Thruster in for less then 24 hours and the lake bottom around the dock is already clear! Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2016

"Early Ice out machine. We bought the 1 HP unit. I've only had one opportunity to use it and that was last weekend after the ice moved out far enough that we could put the dock in to test it. So far so good and as a bonus, it got rid of about 150' of ice too!" Posted by John Huot on 29th Mar 2016

"Great product! Powerful motor (3/4). Moves silt and sludge quickly. The free-standing stand tends to float up, so had to anchor it with 25 pound pavers. Did the trick. Looking forward to using it all summer in order to keep make channel front clean." Posted by PC on 11th Mar 2016

"Better than raking. Works very well but be careful stream fans out and easy to dig yourself a hole." Posted by Unknown on 2nd May 2016


"Wonderful Product! The shipping was immediate and the product arrived well packaged. The instructions for slight assembly were simple and easy to understand and took about 15 minutes. We had it in the water in 30 mins. and we began to see the weeds and sludge movement immediately. We live on the river so we are careful with its use because of the tide moving sediment in and out. We purchased the 3/4 HP motor and it seems to do the job well. We can already see a difference in water clarity and would recommend this product to anyone.
I wish they would include 1 replacement blade with the initial shipment but they is a minor request." Posted by Keith on 17th Sep 2015


"Muck Away, Product has been great. Bought the 3/4 HP style and it made an immediate difference. We live in a bay and the Thruster keeps the water moving." Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2015

"We finally have a swimming area!  The 3/4 horse Aqua Thruster cleared out the algae, silt, and other organic material within 24 hours! We now have about a 25 x 15 foot area without any weeds or other yuck. Our grandkids love it! I'm hoping, as more time goes by, that area will grow as the water movement sends more muck away. I'm not as thrilled with the dock post mount because it doesn't hold the unit quite vertical. the dock mount would probably be better. I highly recommend the oscillator with the timer." Posted by Dave on 13th Jul 2015

"Works as advertised. Bought the 3/4 horse to disperse approximately 3 feet of muck on an 80 ft shoreline. It is working as well as I could imagine. I am happy with it, but for $1,200 you couldn't include the $2.00 screws to mount it?" Posted by Unknown on 9th Jul 2015

"Power Water Mover, We have the 1 hp unit. It moves a lot of water and does so easily 75 or more feet. It will clean out muck and weeds within a very short time and operating it regularly will keep it that way. It will move algae out of the area also." Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2015

"Dock water is crystal clear now! It cleared the muck which deepened my dock area and you can see to the bottom and identify fish. They school in front of it for the oxygenated water. It's keeping hydrilla away from the dock so far." Posted by Mark on 23rd Jun 2015