Macro-Zyme | Beneficial Bacteria Compound

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  • Macro-Zyme | Beneficial Bacteria Compound
  • Macro-Zyme | Beneficial Bacteria Compound
  • Lake and Pond Bacteria - Macro-zyme - Removes muck - Get rid of sediment and maintain clean beach shoreline
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The Lake and Pond Beneficial Bacteria compound – Kasco Macro-zyme provides the user with a highly effective formula that has been used since 1991 because it provides the results you're after. Simple and easy to use when you'd like to treat your water and make the most out of it. Clean it and put the oxygen and life back into it when you use this non-chemical based bacteria to remove the waste. Stock up now to be prepared for the months ahead!


  • Remove the foul odor and sludge from a pond, tank or lake
  • Billions of helpful, friendly bacteria that help to break down the bad bacteria and algae in the water
  • Helps to remove nitrates and phosphates from the water – which contribute the sludge
  • Removes fish waste, dead grass and leaves and even paper
  • Restore the oxygen level in the water
  • Find out the size of your pond or body of water and choose the correct size and amount to use for it
  • Works even better with water aeration in motion


  • Cleans and purifies the water
  • 1 step maintenance program
  • Simple to use
  • Completely safe to use around wildlife since it does not use chemicals
  • Packaged in water-soluble bags, 25 pounds boxes
  • Shelf life of 2 years

It’s not complicated to use Macro-Zyme ™ at all. Just measure out the right amount of product according to the recommended rates and toss it in. The enzymes and bacteria instantly get to work. There’s no need to worry about harming any wildlife with this product because it’s completely safe, containing no dangerous chemicals and only friendly bacteria. Best of all, Macro-Zyme ™ comes in water-soluble bags, or 25-pound boxes and has a shelf life of 2 years. You can store up enough so that you won’t have to worry about it again for a very long time. Aeration helps the bacteria to flourish.

Review the Macro-Zyme ™ sizes and options available to find the one that’s right for you.

It’s so simple to treat a pond with Macro-Zyme ™, but first, you have to calculate the amount of water the pond contains. This can be done by first finding out the pond’s depth, length, and width. Once you have this information you can use our handy Pond Sizing Calculator to find out how many gallons of water are in the pond, as well as acre feet of water. That will allow you to determine the proper amount of Macro-Zyme™ to use.

If your water garden features a UV Sterilizer, be sure to keep it turned off for at least 48 hours after treating with Macro-Zyme ™. Also, keep in mind that Macro-Zyme ™ works more effectively when an aeration device, such as a pond aerator, or aerating fountain, is used.

Macro-Zyme ™ is available in easy-to-use water-soluble bags or 25 Lb bulk boxes. Just toss the water soluble bags or apply the bulk product at the recommended rates. Macro-Zyme ™ has a shelf life of 2 years! Macro-Zyme ™ contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful bacteria and is safe for wildlife. These bacteria will flourish with the addition of aeration.

Size options / corresponding area treated

- Case of 8 x 8oz packets (up to 4 acre feet)

- Case of 40 x 8oz packets (up to 20 acre feet)

- 25# bulk bag in pail up to (25 acre feet)

- 50# bulk bag in pail up to (50 acre feet)

Macro-Zyme ™ Requirements

  • Effective pH range is 5.5 – 8.5 (Optimum is around 7.5)
  • Effective temperature range is 55 – 110 F (12.7 – 43.3 C)
  • Minimum dissolved oxygen level required is 2.0 ppm
  • Copper levels must be below .05 ppm
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