Bio Catalyst + Liquid Bacteria | Black Label Bac-Pac

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The Bac-Pac is designed speed up degradation breakdown of dead weeds, algae and other dead floating aquatic vegetation in lakes and ponds and sludge, muck, nitrogen & phosphates in the water column overall.

BLACK LABEL BIO-CHEMICAL CATALYST: Designed to excel / boost the breakdown of dead weeds, algae and other dead floating aquatic vegetation in lakes and pond rendering it more digestable for beneficial bacteria to consume.

BLACK LABEL LIQUID BACTERIA: Works great for consuming the remaining degraded vegetation, sludge, muck, nitrogen & phosphate left behind by our Bio-Chemical Catalyst.

NOTE: These products alone will not kill living plants in lakes and ponds but its molecular make up will boost the performance of particular aquatic algaecides such as Cutrine Plus allowing for less chemical usage. IF you need to kill vegetation we suggest adding one of our "Suggested algaecides" to use along with these. 

Black Label Bio-Chemical Catalyst - overview

Black Label Bio-Chemical Catalyst is an all-natural formula that enhances and speeds up the breakdown of proteins and complex carbohydrates found in aquatic plants. Black Label Bio-Chem releases specific bio-stimulants that allow the naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi to take over degradation of the dead flora and fixation of available nutrients.

If using on dead aquatic vegetation such as algae, dead weeds and other floating debris it will boost the effectiveness of Liquid Bacteria so it can digest and remove the broken down flora much quicker.


  • Used as an adjuvant
  • Allows for quick recycling of nutrients
  • Speeds up the degradation of dead aquatic plants so that Liquid Bacteria can consume and remove them from the water column.
  • Improves the performance of Algaecides, Herbicides when using to kill living plants
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for chemical Use
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Rainfast via Improved Absorption
  • Safe for the Environment and the Applicator
  • Premium grade & laboratory formulated in the United States

Overview of - Black Label Liquid Beneficial Bacteria 


Is an all-natural, high-performance bacterial blend that fixates nitrogen and phosphorus to clarify water. Applicators will use this product to quickly increase clarity and produce the “wow!” effect for their clients. This product contains a synchronistic blend of 12 different bacteria with a higher growth rate than any dry blend. Because these bacteria fit together so well, they confuse the quorum sensing that limits bacteria growth and are able to coat the entire water body.


  • Establishes healthy bacterial cultures
  • Consumes nitrogen & phosphate
  • Reduces sludge & muck
  • Balances pond
  • Keeps pond and fish healthy
  • All natural: safe for humans, fish, wildlife, other living organisms and plants


  • Water Feature & Small decorative ponds
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Golf Course Ponds
  • Canals
  • Aquaculture, hatcheries, raceways
  • Koi Ponds
  • Retention Ponds

Bac-Pac Includes:
1 Gallon Liquid Bacteria
1 Gallon Catalyst

Dosage Rates for Catalyst

Shore-Tech Bio-Chemical Catalyst works over a wide pH range, but for best results use citric acid or a low-pH surfactant to adjust tank mix to a pH of 4 to 6. 

Regular Dose: 1/2-3 gallons per acre initially and 1-3 gallons per month thereafter

Pollen Dose: 2 gallons per acre sprayed on the surface

Super Dose: 15 gallons per acre

Leaf Degradation: 1-3 gallons per acre per month followed by 10 lbs of ShoreTech Muck Tablets

Dosage Rates for Liquid Bacteria
Initial Dose
: 20-oz per acre foot once per month. Can be combined with PondZilla Pro for even better results.
Maintenance Dose: Repeat initial dose monthly.

Desired water temperature: works best when water temperature is 60°F (15.6°C) or higher.



- Works great for consuming and removing degraded vegetation, sludge, muck, nitrogen & phosphates from lake and pond water. If vegetation has been recently killed you can increase the effectiveness by using our Black Label Catalyst to speed up the degregation of dead aquatic plants allowing the Liquid Bacteria to digest remaining muck and odors much faster and effectively.

- Shore-Tech Black Label Liquid Bacteria can be an especially effective treatment for planktonic algae when combined with a low dose chelated copper algaecide.

- We also suggest using Black label Muck Digester Pellets in conjunction with the Liquid Bacteria to reduce and remove muck, silt and sludge on the bottom.


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