PolarZyme | Cold Water Pond Clarifier | Powder Bacteria Eco-friendly

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Lower 48 States USA
  • PolarZyme | Cold Water Pond Clarifier | Powder Bacteria Eco-friendly
  • PolarZyme | Cold Water Pond Clarifier | Powder Bacteria Eco-friendly


PolarZyme | Maintain Crystal-Clear Waters Year-Round with PolarZyme's Probiotic Power

PolarZyme: Your Cold Water Solution for Clear, Balanced Lakes and Ponds

PolarZyme is a special formula designed to keep your lake or pond clean and healthy, even during colder weather. It's important to start treating your shoreline all year round, as soon as the ice melts. By tackling lake weed and muck issues early, you'll have a much easier time keeping your beach and dock area weed-free.

When leaves, dead plants, and fish from the fall break down, they create rich soil perfect for weeds to grow in spring and summer. But with PolarZyme, you can prevent this problem before it starts! By using it in colder temperatures between 41-60°F (5-15.5°C), you'll add helpful microorganisms to the water, making your lake or pond a better environment for everyone to enjoy. Don't wait – start your year-round shoreline treatment today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier lake or pond.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for Various Water Bodies: Perfect for lakes, ponds, aquaculture, hatcheries, water features, golf courses, retention ponds, decorative ponds, and more.
  • Cold Water Performance: Specially designed to work effectively in colder water temperatures (41-60°F / 5-15.5°C).
  • Nutrient Consumption: Helps reduce nutrient levels that contribute to unwanted plant growth, algal blooms, and HABs.
  • Balances Aquatic Ecosystems: Promotes a balanced, healthy aquatic environment by supporting native microbial communities.
  • Clarifies Water: Improves water clarity and quality for a cleaner, more attractive appearance.
  • Reduces Sludge: Breaks down muck and sludge, promoting a healthier aquatic environment.
  • Flexible Sizes: Available in a 10-pound bucket or a 30-pound pail to suit your needs.

How it Works:

PolarZyme is designed to improve the health and appearance of your lake or pond during colder months. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how PolarZyme works to prevent muck and weeds in cold water:

  1. Add PolarZyme to the water: As soon as the ice melts and water temperatures are between 41-60°F (5-15.5°C), apply the recommended dosage of PolarZyme to your lake or pond. This introduces beneficial microorganisms that thrive in cold water.
  2. Microorganisms get to work: The cold-loving microorganisms in PolarZyme start breaking down the dead organic material, such as leaves, dead plants, and fish, which would otherwise turn into muck and rich soil for weeds to grow.
  3. Nutrient consumption: PolarZyme's microorganisms consume excess nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, reducing the chances of weed growth and algal blooms in the warmer months.
  4. Water clarity improves: As the microorganisms break down muck and remove nutrients, the water becomes clearer and more visually appealing.
  5. Maintain a balanced ecosystem: With regular application, PolarZyme supports a healthy and balanced aquatic environment, making it easier to maintain a clean and weed-free shoreline throughout the year.

Usage Instructions:

  • Dosage: Apply 1 pound of PolarZyme per surface acre of water (43,560 square feet) or 4 ounces per 10,000 square feet.
  • Frequency: Apply PolarZyme every 2 weeks during colder months when water temperatures are between 41-60°F (5-15.5°C).
  • Application methods: PolarZyme can be applied as a dry powder or dissolved in water and sprayed over the surface of your lake or pond. For best results, evenly distribute the product across the water body.

By following these simple steps and usage instructions, you'll be on your way to a cleaner, healthier lake or pond all year round.

Purchase Options

PolarZyme is available in five size options to suit your needs:

  • 3 lbs (6 x 8 oz packets)
  • 6 lbs (12 x 8 oz packets)
  • 10 lbs (20 x 8 oz packets)
  • 20 lbs (40 x 8 oz packets)
  • 30 lbs (60 x 8 oz packets)
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Every ShoreTech and PolarZyme product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.


Is PolarZyme safe for fish and other aquatic life? Yes, PolarZyme is a natural probiotic that contains beneficial microorganisms. It is safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic life when used according to the recommended dosage.

Does PolarZyme have any negative impact on the environment? No, PolarZyme is an eco-friendly solution designed to improve the overall health of aquatic ecosystems. It does not harm the environment or introduce any harmful chemicals into the water.

How long does it take to see results with PolarZyme? The duration to see visible results may vary depending on factors such as the severity of the muck and weeds, water conditions, and application consistency. However, with regular applications, you should begin to notice improvements in water clarity and a reduction in muck and weeds over a few weeks.

Can I use PolarZyme in combination with other pond treatments? Yes, PolarZyme can be used in combination with other treatments, such as N-zyme or Shoreline Muck Tablets, to enhance the overall effectiveness of your pond maintenance program. Always follow the usage instructions for each product.

Will PolarZyme work in water temperatures above 60°F (15.5°C)? PolarZyme is specifically designed for optimal performance in colder water temperatures between 41-60°F (5-15.5°C). For warmer water temperatures, consider using a different product that is designed for those conditions.

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