Turbulence Adjuvant | Vegetable Oil and Surfactant Blend

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**Disclaimer: Turbulence Adjuvant is designed to enhance the performance of postemergent herbicides, such as Round-up Custom, and is not intended to work on its own. This product does not contain any weed-killing properties and must be used in combination with a suitable herbicide to be effective.**

Boost your weed control regimen with Turbulence®. Acting as an amplifier for herbicides, Turbulence® is your secret weapon in ensuring herbicides reach their full potential on target weeds. It's an invaluable part of any weed eradication program, improving the impact of the active ingredients and ensuring herbicides effectively eliminate target weeds. With Turbulence, you achieve uniform distribution and maximum absorption of herbicides, killing weeds effectively and reducing the need for repeat treatments.

The Magic Behind Turbulence Adjuvant
Turbulence's secret lies in its unique composition: a combination of specially modified and refined vegetable oil, coupled with a top-tier nonionic surfactant. This potent mixture facilitates the herbicide's rapid spread on target weeds, achieving uniform distribution on plant surfaces and boosting absorption on leaf and stem surfaces. Turbulence significantly enhances the performance of herbicides, particularly against perennial weeds and hardy brush.

Where Turbulence Adjuvant Shines
Turbulence can be mixed in the spray tank with any post-emergent herbicide that recommends the use of an adjuvant or surfactant. It is versatile and can be used with herbicides labelled for application in residential lawns, commercial landscapes, ornamental plant settings, sod farms and noncrop locations such as roadsides and fence rows. Turbulence optimizes the herbicide's wetting characteristics, ensuring a consistent and effective spray deposition on weeds. To minimize drift at the application site and further enhance spray coverage and deposition, consider adding Droplex adjuvant to your spray tank.

Unleashing Turbulence's Potential
Post-emergent herbicides may not always achieve their full effectiveness due to external circumstances, such as extreme heat or drought. Turbulence addresses these issues, empowering post-emergent herbicides to more effectively eliminate weeds. It enhances coverage and absorption, facilitating the herbicide's penetration into the leaves and stems of the weed.

Why Choose Turbulence Adjuvant?
Turbulence adjuvant offers a unique blend of oils and organosilicone-surfactant system that seamlessly integrates with any spray tank mixture. Compatible with most post-emergent herbicides that benefit from a surfactant, Turbulence can be easily mixed in the tank, delivering immediate results when used as directed. Key benefits and features of Turbulence include:

Contains a blend of modified vegetable oil and surfactant.

  • Enhances the rapid spread of post-emergent herbicides.
  • Ensures uniform distribution on the weed surface.
  • Boosts the performance potential of herbicides.
  • Promotes improved absorption on leaves and stems.
  • Particularly beneficial when targeting perennial weeds and woody brush.

Level Up Your Herbicide Performance with Turbulence
Turbulence elevates the efficiency of post-emergent herbicides. Its unique formula promotes the spreading and absorption of herbicides on leaves and stems. When used with post-emergent herbicides, Turbulence delivers faster and more impactful results, especially on perennial weeds and brush. Whether your battle is against stubborn weeds on lawns or noncrop sites, Turbulence is the support your herbicide needs to truly shine.

Product Application

  • Application Rate: For ground or aquatic use, mix 3 to 6 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution or according to label requirements. For aerial use, mix 6 to 16 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution or according to label requirements. Common use rates are 4 fluid ounces per acre; 8 to 12 fluid ounces per acre depending on conditions.
  • How to Apply: Mix with your post-emergent herbicide in the spray tank. Spray evenly over the area.

Common use rates: 4 fluid ounces per acre; 8 to 12 fluid ounces"

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