Vortex Plate - Shallow Water Shield for the AquaThruster

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Introducing the Vortex Plate - Shallow Water Shield for the AquaThruster!

Are you tired of dealing with the vortex phenomenon in your AquaThruster? Say goodbye to vortex issues with our innovative Vortex Plate - Shallow Water Shield, designed to provide a seamless and efficient operation of your AquaThruster in shallow water conditions.

Key Features:

Shallow Water Install Kit: The Vortex Plate comes with a shallow water install kit that effectively eliminates the vortex suction sound, also known as ventilation. This ensures that your AquaThruster operates quietly and efficiently, even when installed close to the water's surface.

Versatile Compatibility: Although specifically designed for the AquaThruster, our Vortex Plate is also compatible with Kasco's version of the shallow water installation kit, ensuring a wide range of usability.

Anti-Vortex Plate: The Vortex Plate's unique design works by slowing down the velocity and angles of water, allowing for a manageable and adjustable flow. This prevents the vortex phenomenon from occurring and ensures smooth operation.

Enhanced Performance: With the Vortex Plate installed, your AquaThruster can now be placed in shallower water without disrupting the lake bottom or creating loud noises. This enhances the overall performance of your AquaThruster while ensuring a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Easy Installation: The Vortex Plate - Shallow Water Shield is designed for quick and easy installation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your AquaThruster without any hassle.


Upgrade your AquaThruster experience with the Vortex Plate - Shallow Water Shield, and eliminate vortex issues once and for all. Purchase the Vortex Plate separately and experience a new level of efficiency and tranquility in your aquatic environment. Say goodbye to vortex-related problems and hello to a more peaceful and enjoyable experience with your AquaThruster!

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