3-in-1 Pond Muck Reducer Kit | Pellets, Clarifier, Catalyst | Black Pack

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  • Catalyst Algae Breakdown Booster with Liquid Beneficial Pond bacteria and muck digester pellets for lakes and pond
  • 3-in-1 Pond Muck Reducer Kit | Pellets, Clarifier, Catalyst | Black Pack


Dead Algea & Muck Removal Clarifier 

The Black-Pack Package is designed to accelerate the natural decomposition of dead weeds, algae and other dead floating aquatic vegetation as well as bottom sediment in lakes and ponds. This aids in cleaning out sludge, muck, nitrogen & phosphates in the water column and bottom overall, in addition to dramatically improving your pond or lake front aesthetic, smell, and ecosystem.

How The Black-Pack Works:

BLACK LABEL BIO-CHEMICAL CATALYST: Lab Formulated and designed to excel / boost the breakdown of dead weeds, algae and other dead floating aquatic vegetation in lakes and ponds This will in turn enhance the speed at which Liquid Beneficial Bacteria can digest and remove the broken down flora and excess nutrients in the water column much quicker.

BLACK LABEL LIQUID BACTERIA: Works great for consuming the remaining degraded vegetation, sludge, muck, nitrogen & phosphate left behind by our Bio-Chemical Catalyst.

BLACK LABEL MUCK PELLETS: Consumes the remaining muck & silt that sunk to the bottom of your lake or pond during the degregation process done by the Catalyst and Liquid Bacteria.

NOTE: These products alone will not kill living plants in lakes and ponds but its molecular make up will boost the performance of particular aquatic algaecides such as Cutrine Plus Liquid or Cutrine Plus Granular (depending on location of weeds)  allowing for less chemical usage. IF you want to kill algae we suggest adding one of our "Suggested algaecides" or try check out our other Black Packs that include Cutrine Plus Algae Killer


The Black Pack Package Includes:

1 Gallon - Liquid Bacteria

1 Gallon - Bio-Catalyst Adjuvant

20lbs - Muck Digester Pellets


Product  ¼ acre

(good for 3+ treatments)

½ acre

(good for 2+ treatments)

1 acre

(good for 1 treatment)

Gallon Liquid Bacteria @ 1/3 gal per month @ 1/2 gal per month @ 1 gal per month
 Bio-Chemical Catalyst  @ 1/3 gal per month  @ 1/2 gal per month  @ 1 gal per month
 Muck Pellets  @ 5-  lbs per month  @ 5-10 lbs per month  @ 15-20 lbs per month


1. Mix Liquid Bacteria with Catalyst and apply in target area using sprayer.

This will immediately penetrate and begin to break down the dead algae near the surface of the water column.

2. Apply the Muck Pellets to target area.

  • If target area is dead floating algae mats: Apply pellets to what remains of the surface of the mat and the mat decomposition area.  (This can be done any time after completion of step 1)

The muck pellets that stay on top will assist in digesting dead flora. The pellets that fall through will sink to the bottom and continue to remove unwanted muck accumulation in your lake or pond.

  • If there is NO algae mat or it is not thick enough to hold pellets, apply pellets to areas where you would like to reduce muck on the bottom.

  • For best results, try to to space the pellets 3-6 inches apart to maximize performance.


WAIT 14 DAYS from the first application of pellets before a second dose can be applied (if necessary).


Black Label Bio-Chemical Catalyst - overview

Black Label Bio-Chemical Catalyst is an all-natural formula that enhances and boosts the breakdown of proteins and complex carbohydrates found in aquatic plants. Black Label Bio-Chem releases specific bio-stimulants that allow the naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi to take over degradation of the dead flora and fixation of available nutrients.

If using on dead aquatic vegetation such as algae, dead weeds and other floating debris it will boost the effectiveness of Liquid Bacteria so it can digest and remove the broken down flora much quicker.


  • Used as an adjuvant
  • Allows for quick recycling of nutrients
  • Speeds up the degradation of dead aquatic plants so that Liquid Bacteria can consume and remove them from the water column.
  • Improves the performance of Algaecides, Herbicides when using to kill living plants
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for chemical Use
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Rainfast via Improved Absorption
  • Safe for the Environment and the Applicator
  • Premium grade & laboratory formulated in the United States

Black Label Liquid Beneficial Bacteria - overview

Is an all-natural, high-performance bacterial blend that fixates nitrogen and phosphorus to clarify water. Applicators will use this product to quickly increase clarity and produce the “wow!” effect for their clients. This product contains a synchronistic blend of 12 different beneficial bacteria with a higher growth rate than any dry blend. Because these bacteria fit together so well, they confuse the quorum sensing that limits bacteria growth and are able to coat the entire water body.


  • Establishes healthy bacterial cultures
  • Consumes nitrogen & phosphate
  • Reduces sludge & muck
  • Balances pond
  • Keeps pond and fish healthy
  • All natural: safe for humans, fish, wildlife, other living organisms and plants


MUCK PELLETS - overview

Our pellets are top tier, high performance, all natural, biodegradable and laboratory formulated using only the highest quality Class-1 organisms. They are dense, slow-release pellets designed to sink down into the muck and effectively deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria. Once tossed into a lake or pond they immediately penetrate and break down organic buildup on the bottom by stimulating naturally occurring bacteria and adding sludge-eating enzymes.

COMMERCIAL GRADE CLASS-1 BACTERIAL CULTURES: Laboratory formulated from high performance beneficial bacteria, bio-vitamins, probiotics & enzymes specifically designed for breaking down & eliminating organic sludge buildup on the bottom of in lakes and ponds along with degrading floating algae mats. Helps clear water and restore healthy oxygen levels

ECO-FRIENDLY: Pellets are biodegradable and completely safe for all aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, and humans. They will not kill living plants or algae.

PROVEN FORMULA: Our formula has been tested extensively and constantly improved over many years. Highly trusted and used by professional applicators all over the world. They are dense, slow-release pellets designed to sink down into the muck and effectively deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria. Capable of reducing up to 12 INCHES of build-up per month. (see dosage rates on back label for details)

IMPROVES LAKE & POND HEALTH: ShoreTech Black Label Muck Pellets are our top tier bacteria product. They will also help reduce phosphates, amonia, toxic gas & odor in lakes and ponds of all sizes.

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL USE: Easy to use and ideal for lakes, shorelines, farm ponds, water gardens, retention ponds, wastewater lagoons, septic systems, irrigation ponds, recreational swimming areas, golf Courses and aquaculture

COST EFFECTIVE: Pellets are typically 1/10th to 1/20th of the cost of dredging.

Applications For All

  • Water Feature & Small decorative ponds
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Golf Course Ponds
  • Canals
  • Aquaculture, hatcheries, raceways
  • Koi Ponds
  • Retention Ponds

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