Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Basic Package

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  • Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Basic Package
  • Lake Groomer Lake Weed Removal Machine for beach


The Beach Groomer – A Multitasking Lakeshore Tool

No more lake muck or weed covering your swimming area. The Beach Groomer is a portable and free standing weed control device weighing in at 25 pounds. It is fitted with wheels - a handle that can take care of every kind of undesired water based growth. It can be pulled and pushed into different locations and features a 7 foot long arm that rotates a full 360 degree twice every minute to prevent milfoil, algae and pond weed from settling on the surface and propagating. Each arm rides about 12 inches off the bottom and drags galvanized chains behind it cleaning the bottom of the water body within an effective radius of 16 inches.

 This unit is powered using a lawn pump or irrigation pump rated at 1 HP or more. (motor not included with basic package) The effective distance of the motor and weed cleansing arms is about 100 feet in either direction, allowing you to keep about 100 feet of water body clean of weed, algae and other unwanted objects.

 If you do not have a lake irrigation pump, please click here to view our delux package that includes everything you will need to operate. See it HERE

 Benefits Of The Beach Groomer

  • Prevents aquatic weeds from growing and settling down.
  • Removes silt and muck build-up.
  • Helps power wash water toys, docks and boats.
  • Portable and easy to move around or share with a neighbor.
  • Can be used to water the garden or lawn with nutrient rich lake water.


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NOTE: The Beach Groomer is powered by an Irrigation Pump. If you do not have a pump this will be necessary. CLICK HERE for pump pricing.

Effectiveness – With the Beach Groomer you can get an aquatic weed solution and muck removal solution that does a superior job of preventing lily pads, algae, milfoil and other such parasitic growths from taking root. It is highly effective when used in early summer or spring during heavy weed growth seasons.

Reliability – Simplistic by design, the Beach Groomer only includes a single moving part – the center pivot swivel that helps rotate the arms through a complete 360 degree. Replacing or repairing this part is easy as it uses threads to come off and on.

Safety – Because the Beach Groomer is powered by water pressure from an irrigation pump sitting deep inland, electricity always stays away from water.

Additional Equipment – With the Fountain attachment, it can also be converted into a portable fountain with a spray height of 25 feet high. The Frothy nozzle provides aeration benefits; and for recreational purpose, the Carousel attachment can keep kids entertained. Additional equipment available for sale separately include the Fire Hose Nozzle and Power Washing head.

Warranty – The Beach Groomer and all of its components are protected by a 2 year long commercial and residential warranty.

Installation And Assembly – Delivered using UPS or Spee Dee, this weed removal package is easy to assemble in under 20 minutes with color coded parts. Once assembled, it only needs to be wheeled into place within the water body. Turn the pump on and let it start eliminating weed and algae from the surface and the bottom.

The Beach Groomer is a simple design with a single moving part with relatively inexpensive maintenance and easy usage. It works well with swimming pools, dockside water, lakes and small ponds cleaning out the bottom while removing weed growth already thriving on the top. Thanks to its underwater arm design, it can also be used on actual beaches even in high waves.



   • 2 Seven-foot arm units with galvanized steel chains
   • 2 50-foot lengths of 1.5” flexible PVC hose with quick
   • Swivel assembly with wheels
   • MN DNR permit form assistance


The BeachGroomer is unique from all other weed control devices: It is portable and requires no electricity at the water (we think that is an important saftey factor). The BeachGroomer is the only free standing unit on the market and weighs less than 20 pounds. It can be easily wheeled around your entire swimming area and because it comes with 100' of flexible 1 1/2" hose it offers a wide range of mobility. It costs considerably less than other weed control devices that require electricity at the dock where they aremounted for the season.

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    I am sorry happy with this product, cheap and effective

    Posted by Mike r on 23rd Aug 2020

    It works great

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    Weed groomer

    Posted by Mak on 27th Aug 2019

    So far, so good

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