Weed Shear | 49" Razor Sharp Aquatic Lake Weed Cutter

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  • water weed cutter for lakes and ponds cutting seaweed razer shear
  • Weed Shear | 49" Razor Sharp Aquatic Lake Weed Cutter
  • Weed Shear | 49" Razor Sharp Aquatic Lake Weed Cutter
  • WeedShear Pond and LAKE WEED CUTTER - Razor blade edges for cutting the aquatic vegetation. #1 Selling Cutter
  • Weed Shear - Lake Weed Cutter Aquatic weed cutting tool razor sharp
  • Weed Shear - Lake Weed Cutter Aquatic weed cutting tool razor sharp
  • WeedShear | 49" Razor Sharp Aquatic Weed Cutting Tool



Q: Can I use the WeedShear in salt water?

A: Yes! Simply rinse it with fresh water after each use.


Q: Can I use the WeedShear to cut cattails?

A: Yes, by hand. It’s not suggested, however, to throw it into the cattails with the rope.


Q: Can I use a longer rope? 

A: Yes! Make sure the rope is the same quality as the rope provided. It is suggested to not exceed 50 ft.


Q: What makes your Weedshear different then all the others on the market?

A: The Weedshear is our flagship product and has a proven track record of 13 years in the industry and backed by a money-back guarantee.


Q: Do you sell replacement blades?

A: Yes, $99.00 for a set of two replacement blades.


Q: What is included in my WeedShear Purchase?
A: The WeedShear comes with an 11’ handle, Blade Sharpener, a 25’ Rope, and Protective Gloves.


Q: I think my WeedShear is damaged, is there supposed to be an indent above the “V” shaped cutting section?
A: Your WeedShear is not damaged! The dimple above the WeedShear blades is part of the product design, and better allows the blades to cut near the root system of aquatic weeds.


Q: How much will it cost to ship my Weedshear? How long will it take to ship to my area?
A: Your WeedShear ships for free in the continental US! The Weed Shear is ready to ship, and will make it to your location within 4 business days for continental US customers.


Q: Do you ship the WeedShear internationally?
A: Yes! We have sent the WeedShear to countries worldwide. If you provide us with a Postal Code of your desired shipping address, we can give you a shipping cost estimate and delivery timeline for your area.


Q: Is there a limit to the size of weeds that the Weed Shear can cut?
A: Yes. You need to be able to pull the WeedShear by hand using the rope or handle. DO NOT use an ATV, UTV, etc as the cutter will not stand up to that amount of force.


Q: How can I clean up the area after cutting the weeds with my WeedShear?
A: Consider purchasing with one of our rakes which offer a float attachment that will allow you to skim the surface of the water to retrieve and remove any weeds floating on the surface.


Q: Is the WeedShear my only option to cut and remove weeds?
A: No, go to weedersdigest.com we offer an extensive selection of tools and equipment that will help you reduce weeds, manage your water quality and improve your experience with all water activities!


Q: How often do you have to sharpen the blades?
A: Before each use.


Q:What does the Weed Shear weigh?
A: The Weed Shear weighs around 8-9 lbs.


Q: Can I purchase replacement blade covers?
A: No - we do not sell replacement blade covers, but we have found a great solution to this issue. A standard foam pool noodle will do the job. The noodle slit lengthwise and then cut to the length of the blade makes a great replacement blade cover.


Q: Is the WeedShear safe to use?
A: The WeedShear is safe when common sense guidelines are applied. The tool you are using contains two razor sharp blades. The WeedShear should only be used by an adult. Avoid all contact with electric wires! Be sure the area is clear of all people before use. Wear safety gloves when using the Weed Shear. Take caution when tossing the WeedShear, avoiding contact with any part of your body. Do not mix alcohol/drugs with the WeedShear.


Q: How big of a area does the WeedShear cut?
A: The V-shaped cutter clears a 49” or over 4 foot path of aquatic weeds with each throw!


Q: What is the depth and distance this product can be used at?
A: Comes with a 25’ cord. So if you are able to chuck it 25’ you would be able to cut that distance. Just need to allow it to sink to the bottom.


Q: Is there any assembly?
A: Yes, Very easy though. Snap on handles and poles for length. Easy eye-bolt attachment to tie rope on. Also all components fit and store in stylish black bag as a “optional”


Q: What is the Weed Shear?
A: The WeedShear is an aquatic weed-cutting tool, uniquely designed to be the most efficient and effective lake and pond weed control tool to cut submerged and emergent weeds such as lily pads, cattails, milfoil and hydrilla.


Q: How does the WeedShear work?
A: Using the WeedShear is a simple three-step process:
1. Give it a toss
2. Let it sink
3. Pull it in with a jerking motion


Q: How large of an area can I cut with the WeedShear?
A: The WeedShear clears a path up to 49 inches wide and 30 feet in length with a single toss.


Q: What kind of aquatic weeds can the WeedShear cut?
A: If the weeds have stems and are rooted to the bottom, it is very likely that the WeedShear will cut them. It will cut most non-woody aquatic weeds and plants, including the following:
1. Submerged– Hydrilla, curly-leafed pondweed, water milfoil, etc.
2. Emergent plants – Water lily, cattails, bulrush, lily pads, etc.


Q: Does the WeedShear come with a sharpener?
A: Yes


Q: Why can’t I pull the weed-cutting tools behind my boat?
A: The weed tools are designed to be used manually using a quick jerking motion when pulling back on the tool. Therefore, the tools are not effective when pulled behind a boat. Learn more about how to cut water weeds.


Q: How heavy is the WeedShear? Will I be able to handle the tool on my own?
A: Our Weed Shear ranges from 6 to 9 pounds depending upon which handle you use and its easy to handle when throwing out and pulling back to cut the vegetation. They’re designed to be used by a single individual.


Q: Do I have to remove aquatic weeds after cutting them? Why?
A: Yes. Some states require you to remove cut vegetation from the body of water, so please check with your local
DNR. It is also wise to remove as much vegetation as possible using our RakeZilla after cutting for these reasons:
1. It prevents weeds from spreading through plant fragmentation and seed distribution.
2. Decaying vegetation is a food source for next year’s weed growth.
3. You dont want to be THAT neighbor who lets them float away for someone else to clean up.


Q: What is the WeedShear made of?
A: Blades are made from high-quality stainless steel. The handle is made from galvanized steel.


Q: Are replacement parts available for WeedShear?
A: Yes


Q: Is there a warranty/guarantee on the tools?
A: All our WeedShear products are backed by a one-year limited warranty.


Q: If I want to become a dealer, what would I need to do?
A: To become a dealer, please call us at 877-224-4899.


Q: What state laws and regulations apply to my efforts to control aquatic weeds?
A: Each state has their own laws, so we recommend contacting your state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) or the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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Best Selling Lake Weed Cutter!

The WeedShear is our best selling lake weed cutter because of its durability to cut through the thickest of aquatic lake weeds. The unique V shape design of the Weed Shear allows it to sink to the bottom of the lake and cut unwanted aquatic weeds at the roots.

The WeedShear comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The WeedShear is extremely durable and easily cuts through pond weeds like Milfoil, Hydrilla, Lily Pads and even Cattails. The Weed Shear is effective at any water depth.


Key Features 

Signature Design: The 49" wide, V-shaped razer blade affords greater cutting width.

Extension Cord: 25’ polypropylene cord for maximum coverage.

Featured Accessories: Hand-held sharpener and protective gloves included.


  • 49” wide V-shaped razer blade and cutting width
  • Snap-button handle connection
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Convert handle length for both shallow and deep water use
  • 25’ polypropylene cord for maximum coverage
  • Includes hand held sharpener & protective gloves.
  • Folds up for easy storage

Easy Assembly and Fun to Use!

Insert spacer bolts and snap the handle together and you are ready to start cutting in just a few minutes!  Tie the cord around your wrist, toss the Weed shear into the target area, let it sink to the bottom, and pull the cord back towards you in a “jerking” motion. It’s as simple as that!  The “jerking” action is what generates the speed required to cut the aquatic plants and their base.

The Best Choice to Cut Seaweed by Hand

  • The stainless steel razor blades will never rust and rarely require sharpening.
  • The Weedshear easily cuts all kinds of underwater weeds such as Milfoil, Hydrilla & Lily Pads. Just to name a few.
  • The V-shaped cutter clears a 49” or over 4 foot path of aquatic weeds with each throw!
  • You can quickly and efficiently cut all the weeds in your swimming area, around your dock, or on your shoreline because you can throw it from your dock, shoreline, or from a boat!
  • Effective at Any Water Depth. The Weedshear connects the V-shaped blade to the handle using “snap-button” connection! This enables you to use a shorter handle for shallow water depths or you can add the extensions for use in deeper water!
  • Other cutting tools such as the Serrated Lake Weed Cutter, T-Weeder or the Weed Razer work okay but many say that nothing compares to the Weedshear.

Disclaimer: Weed Shear is razor sharp so please use caution when operating.

62 Reviews

  • 5
    Works maybe too well...

    Posted by Paul G on 9th Aug 2021

    Buy the combo with a rake. This bad boy cuts a lot of weeds in a real hurry. It's actually fun watching how many weeds float up to the surface until you realize that in just a few minutes of cutting, you made a large flotilla of weeds to clean up! A regular garden or leaf rake will work, but they only sort of work. Get a long reach rake or a Rakezilla combo.....or you will be back getting one later!

  • 5
    Weed Shear

    Posted by amk on 14th Jun 2021

    works great. will weed again in a few weeks

  • 5
    Weed Shear

    Posted by james on 22nd May 2021

    This is much improved over the original weed shear. Stronger, sharper.

  • 5
    Weed shear

    Posted by Mike on 28th Apr 2021

    Amazing product. I have both floating weeds and some dense moss with some cat tails. It cut through everything with no problem. Great product and well made. Very satisfied

  • 5
    weed shear

    Posted by todd lerke on 11th Sep 2020

    After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. This tool is awesome! My situation was maybe a little unique...............My pond is about 75-100' wide. I bought two 100' spools of floating 1/4" rope and tied it to the weed shear on both ends. Most of my weeds were in the middle out of throwing range. My helper {wife} would pull the weed shear to her side of the pond , then I would do the cutting from my side............giving the shear quick jerks as recommended. We would line up the cut lines the width of the shear and go back and forth. At the end of the cutting process, i tie wrapped a "noodle" to a 3' landscape rake and with a little help from a brisk wind was able to clear the pond of weeds by almost 100%. I was cutting mostly duck weed and a few cattails...........the weed shear worked great! Highly recommend. Todd

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