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  • Lily Pad Ripper
  • Lily Pad Ripper


Lily Pad Root Ripper, Cutter, Killer & Remover

The only sure way to kill lily pads is to break their roots enough to drown them. When the Lily Pad Ripper is pulled along the bottom of your lake it digs deep into the bottom and literally rips open and tears through the rhizome root system.  

The Lily Pad Ripper can be pulled by boat or from land using an ATV or Tractor. It is attached to your boat and is pulled along the bottom, in turn breaking and pulling up the roots of lily pads. Larger, heavier boats tend to work best for this. After breaking the root system it will flood the interior of the rhizome in the portion that remains in the water killing any water lily / pad that is attached. Some of the rhizomes will float to the surface and some will remain on the bottom.

How To Remove and kill lily pads in a lake or a pond with this tool?

The Weeders Digest offers many tools to "manage" your lily pads. Our Lily Pad Ripper is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to REMOVE lily pads and rhizomes once and for all!

Simply connect the Lily Pad Ripper to boat by using your own rope, tied to a 1.5" by 6' stabilizer pipe. (Rope & Pipe are not included but can be purchases from most hardware stores)

Once you are all rigged up and ready to go lower the Lily Pad Ripper down to the bottom of the lake or pond and inch forward slowly until the rope becomes tight. Once the rope is tight, it is important to apply steady forward momentum until the Ripper rips through the root and continue on in a straight line popping each root as you move forward.

Next, return to the beginning spot and move over 7' to begin the next ripping path and complete the same ripping motion as in the previous step.

Once you have completed 2 parallel rips, you will see the pads in their entirety, i.e.; pads stems and roots, pop to the surface for easy removal with one of our aquatic weed rakes like Rake Zilla or the Long Reach Rake. Remember, thorough clean up is the responsible way to manage your waterfront.


Also check out our Aquatic Vegetation Groomer for dealing with lily pads and more.

Feel free to call us anytime with questions or to place your order by phone! 763-551-1441



Item Name: Lily Pad Ripper

Common Applications: Removing Lilypads including root bulbs

Weight: 18 lbs

Stabilizer Width: 36 inches

Material: Heavy Duty Steel

Hook depth: 17 inches

Not Included: 1.5" Pipe for Stabilizer Bar

Frequently Used With: RakeZilla, Power Grip Rake

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Q: How much horsepower is needed to pull the lily pad ripper behind a boat?
A: We recommend a minimum of 25HP in order to effectively pull the lily pad ripper.

Q: Other than a boat what other ways can I pull the lily pad ripper?
A: Another way to pull the ripper is via an automatic winch, or a winch with an ATV (ideally on firm ground).

Q: How long of a pole should I attach to the lily pad ripper?
A: A 5’ pole should be sufficient for attaching to the lily pad ripper; robust enough for the product, but not too long and heavy.

Q: How difficult is it to pull the Lily Pad Ripper?
A: This is a job for those not faint of heart. A lot of pulling force is required, but no better tool for getting the job done.

Q: How long of a rope should I use?
A: That depends in part what and how you are pulling. We would recommend starting with 25 feet. Add length if you need to get deeper.

Q: What’s the easiest way to move to next ripping path?
A: Most likely getting a hold of the stabilizer pole, push backwards if hooked into roots and physically move to starting point in next path.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Lily pad ripper

    Posted by Michael Adams on 5th May 2024

    Works great. Pond 15 deep loaded with pads. Pull slowly with truck and pulls root base Easily. Lots of hard labor intense work but nothing is ever easy. Very pleased so far .

  • 5
    The Death of Our Lilly Pads!!,

    Posted by April on 1st Jul 2018

    Our poor little pond was being overrun with lily pads. After trying a chemical treatment on half of the pond, this seemed to only anger the pads who lashed back at us with growing numbers. Further research led us to the lily pad ripper. The lily pad ripper was shipped quickly. Although the directions were not very clear, it was simple enough to figure out. We did attach the board as suggested in a YouTube video and the 1.5” diameter pole. However, we are no where near strong enough to pull this thing by hand. We hooked this baby up to our tractor. My husband rows out with the ripper in the boat with him, throws it over and then I haul it in. This thing slashes through the pads and rips up the roots! Excitment for us! The ripper is heavy, but for the job it must do, it is a well built tool. We have already noticed some of the pads still in the pond turning brown. Death to the lily pads.

  • 5
    lily ripper

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2015

    looks the part,but yet to try it.will let you know in the near future.

  • 5
    First use; trophy roots

    Posted by Carl Stixrood on 22nd Sep 2014

    Works as advertised. We used a 900 pound boat winch on shore to pull the ripper in which seemed to work well. It is very gratifying to get a few trophy roots after battling the lily pads with a cutter for many years. It is a lot of work hauling the ripper around, removing the muck and positioning the ripper by pedal boat but it got results.

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