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WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package

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NOTICE! - The CASE add-on is currently on BACK-ORDER until est. date of 8/24/21 | The WeedShear & Lake Rake are available and ready to ship - but the CASE will ship it to you as soon as it is ready!
  • Weed shear lake weed cutter and rake beach cleaning kit
  • WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package
  • WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package
  • WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package
  • The perfect combination to get rid of your weeds. Our number one long reach rake to cut seaweed in a lake/pond/ beach
  • The perfect combination to get rid of your weeds. Our number one long reach rake to cut seaweed in a lake/pond/ beach
  • WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package
  • WeedShear Weed Cutter | Lake Rake | Aquatic Weed Control Package
  • The perfect combination to get rid of your weeds. Our number one long reach rake to cut seaweed in a lake/pond/ beach
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Introducing the best, most affordable aquatic weed management package

These two tools are the ideal tools to have for people who want to manually cut and remove lake weeds manually & efficiently. Many of our customers order both of these items at the same time. Many of the ones who don't sometimes end up ordering the other one later anyway. This is why we have decided to create the WeedShear & Lake Rake package.

 If your still using that old garden rake and haven't tried our Long Reach Lake Rake you will be amazed with the amount of work you can get done and how easy it is to manage weeds & algae on your lake. The Weed Shear makes cutting underwater weeds quick and easy on a budget. You can check out our other Lakeweed Cutters & Rakes HERE



About The Weed Shear

  • Cuts a 49” path with every pass.
  • Cuts at the base of the weed.
  • Includes protective blade covers and folds for easy storage.
  • Includes blade sharpener and protective gloves.
  • 25 foot rope.
  • Carrying/storage case available as add on
  • Tough enough for any aquatic weed
  • For long tosses, use the shorter, lighter handle (included).
  • For long reaches into cattails or under a dock, use all of the extensions to reach 9 FEET (included).
  • The handle comes in 3 pieces with a total length of over 100″(included).
  • Other cutting tools such as the Serrated Lake Weed Cutter, T-Weeder or the Weed Razer work ok but many say that nothing compares to the Weedshear.
  • Money Back Guarantee!

About the Lake Rake

This rake is our most popular rake. Not to mention this is made in the USA and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY Use this to rake the lake or pond bottom to remove weeds, debris or muck. Works excellent for grooming dead and living aquatic weeds and decaying organic plants on the bottom of your beach and along the shoreline. Use the float to skim the surface and pull in weeds on the top of the water. It also works great for landscaping and keeping your beach looking nice and groomed.


  • Measures 36 inch wide head by 11 feet long.  
  • 20 ft rope, 11.5 ft handle and an attachable float included.
  • Extension for handle, available for purchase separately, extends the effective reach to 16.5 Feet

Learn more about the lake rake here


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23 Reviews

  • 5
    Wow! Really works!

    Posted by Mike Sackett on 20th Aug 2015

    Follow the instructions and use the jerking motio n like it says and the weeds were cut off at the base floated to the top, took the rake with the floaty foam attached and raked them to the shore. The neighbors have lots of weeds, & I am weed free!

  • 5
    It Works!

    Posted by Ron Adams on 13th Aug 2015

    The Weed Shear turned out to be a simple, effective, ingenious solution to my weed-choked beach. I didn't use the throw-out feature. I just waded out and began dragging it along the bottom. Lo and behold the weeds (mostly Milfoil) sliced off cleanly and didn't stick to the rake. I cleared a large area in less than an hour with very little effort. I used the big lake rake to clear remaining weeds off the bottom, and I now have a nice sandy beach again. Who knew you could buy great stuff like this on the Internet!

  • 4
    Weeds B Out of My Lake

    Posted by Kris on 11th Aug 2015

    really did a nice job....hoping this lasts for a while too! Kinds of laborious, but the neighbors are now borrowing it.

  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2015

    Love your products! Good quality that is affordable. Environmentally friendly.

  • 5
    Excellent Product!

    Posted by Doug on 14th Jul 2015

    Design works beautifully to gather and move unwanted lake weeds away from your dock area.

  • 5
    Awesome, works as shown on videos only better!

    Posted by Becca's Dad on 4th May 2015

    Bought this for my dad and he writes "The aquatic weed cutter is an awesome tool, easy to use and effective. The Lake Rake makes clean up a breeze. My neighbors are lining up to borrow my need cool Weeders Digest tools!"

  • 4
    Not yet

    Posted by Greg Reichelt on 2nd Mar 2015

    We still have 3 feet of ice on the lake, so I have no idea how well it works yet. :-)

  • 5
    Easy to use and effective

    Posted by René Drolet, Naples FL on 3rd Feb 2015

    I bought the combo package (cutter and rake) and added the extra extension for the rake. The task was to remove weeds 100 feet wide by 20 feet into the lake. After a couple of practice throws, both tools were easy to throw far away and very effective at cutting and raking. I ended up not using the extension for the rake. Took me 5 hours to do the job and I am very pleased with the product. So were the neighbors... The vendor was true to its word on everything we agreed upon. Delivery was swift. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with weeds.

  • 5
    Very effective, very simple

    Posted by Joe. Chattanooga, TN on 18th Aug 2014

    I used the combination of the weed shear and the rake for the first time over the weekend. In a little over 4 hours, the 8 foot bed of my truck was full of hydrilla. I was able to clear out an area for swimming on my dock as well as clear a path for my jet ski. The long handle on the rake is perfect. The weed shear is fun and simple. I added the carrying case for the weed shear. A good investment to keep the tool clean and keep my kids away from the sharp edges.

  • 5
    Works as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2014

    The weed shear was effortless and worked as advertised. I wasn't sure I needed the floating rake but I am glad I bought it as well. I would highly recommend the combo.

  • 5
    Best combo for the price gets the job done

    Posted by LW on 22nd Jun 2014

    Our pond was getting overgrown with cattails, four leaf clover, and some nasty growing submersed weeds. The Weedshear tool cut out everything but the biggest thicket of cattails. It is very sturdy and well made. The blades are really sharp. The rake with float is excellent for dragging in the cut material. Tossing the line out and watching the cut pond weeds rise to the surface as you pull on it is almost as satisfying as fishing.

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