Enhance Your Lakefront With These Dock Ideas

Enhance Your Lakefront With These Dock Ideas

If you're looking for some great ideas to bring your dock to life or add eye appeal, Weeders Digest is your #1 choice. We take great pride in the number of satisfied lakefront property owners who have enhanced their docks with our accessories and are now spending quality time enjoying their docks and waterfront even more.

We offer a complete line of products for your every boating need--from tiki huts, benches, flowerpots, and ladders to aquatic weed control, irrigation pumps, modular floating docks, Lift Foil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard (model E2), SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooters, jet ski ports--we have all the accessories you could need to outfit your lakefront dock and enjoy your summer water sports.

Whether you just built a new dock or are looking to enhance the decor on your current dock, we have some great suggestions. Be sure to check with the homeowner's association before adding some enhancements, as many of them have some stringent guidelines.

Types of Docks

Every boat needs a home--there are several different types of docks; your homeowner's association will dictate the types of docks you can install. Here are the different types:

  1. Piling Docks
  2. Floating Docks
  3. Crib Docks
  4. Suspension Docks
  5. Pipe Dock
  6. Boat Lift
  7. Double-Decker Boat Dock

Many boat owners like the idea of watching everything from the top deck of their boat dock, soaking up rays and watching the water sports. If you have a double-decker dock, your boat also gets its own slip, protected from the elements, while the lower deck has plenty of space for storage for all your gear and water toys.

Floating Docks

Our floating docks are customized, so you will need to call us for a custom quote. You provide us with the measurements, and we design the dock you are looking for; we will then provide you with a free quote on your new dock. We have more information about our floating docks HERE so that you can read all about this product—Call Wave Armor Accessories can help you outfit all levels of your deck.

Customize your dock

If you have a single-level dock, why not add a Tiki Hut. Our huts come with 6 bar stools that are equipped with foot rails for extra comfort. In addition, these wooden tiki huts come with grass skirts that complete the "Island Look." You'll have all your friends regularly visit, not to mention the new friends you will make!

We have Kayak/Canoe racks for your water toys that will store them neatly and out-of-the-way--no need to sacrifice any deck space.

Our Otter Island Swim rafts make a big splash the the the kids (and adults)! Just remember that kids make friends too, and soon you'll have a dozen kids jumping off the raft! Don't forget the Wave Armor Floating Dock Ladder to retrieve those kids! And if you want your other watercraft to tie up to your raft, our Dock Cleats for Wave Armor Floating Docks add just the right touch of style and convenience for your kayaks, canoes, and jet skis.

Add some ambiance to all levels of your deck and make your dock visible to boaters with the Wave Armor Solar Dock Lights. You get 2 stylish lights per kit.

Ou dock benches are very versatile - you can add a bench box or mount the bench the edge of the dock to free up dock space--or both. They come in 4, 5 and 6-foot lengths.

Bring vibrant greenery and color to your dock deck with edge-mount Wave Armor Flower Pots. They are available in 2 sizes, so go ahead and plant a small flowering tree in the large one.

You may be restricted from enclosing your docks with roofs or sides. However, hoists are typically enclosed. Weeder's Digest has a great selection of solar battery charging systems, battery trays, as well as motorized boat lifts, such as the Boat Lift Buddy | Boat Lift Motor with Friction Wheel mate.

Preserve the ecosystem - muck & sludge control

Remember that you will be interacting with aquatic ecosystems when building your dock. You will need to be careful not to damage or disrupt it when building the dock or cause any long-term, extensive adverse impact. You will more than likely be restricted from excavating any bed material or removing any vegetation. This will take some careful planning on your part to build the dock you want, the best way to build it, and the feasibility of building it without disrupting the ecosystem.

Weeders Digest offers various Eco-Friendly Lake and Pond Muck, Silt, Sludge and Odor control products that take the guesswork out of preserving the ecosystem. We offer the best products that work to get rid of and prevent organic buildup on your beach and shoreline.

We offer a variety of beneficial bacteria products for ponds that break down muck, silt, sludge and odor in your pond. Our products are all-natural, bio-degradable and made with high-quality ingredients designed to sink into the muck and effectively deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria.

Our most popular products include the AquaThruster and the AirStream Pro Aerator, which provides jet aeration and high volume circulation; they are a complete seaweed and muck removal and control system. We also offer All Natural beneficial Lake and Pond Bacteria/Enzyme Products.

Issues we can solve

  • Submersed vegetation (below the water surface - Ex: Milfoil)
  • Emergent Vegetation (Rooted Plants Breaking the water surface - Ex: Cattails, lilypads etc.)
  • Algae
  • Floating Weeds & Debris (duckweed, dead organic plants & debris, etc.)
  • Submerged debris (leaves, twigs, dead plants & debris etc..)
  • Muck / Silt / Bottom Sediment
  • Poor Water Quality
  • Bad Odors (Decaying algae)

Winterizing the shoreline

Regardless of what section of the country you live in, dealing with your shoreline area is a year-round task. If you neglect to take care of it, you make your situation worse for the next season. Fall is when leaves and twigs start to decay and decompose along with organics such as dead algae, becoming your muck issues in the following season. By clearing out as much as you can at the end of each season, you get a jump on the next one, allowing you to get back out on the water and enjoy it as the weather changes.

Be sure to check out our Articles section for muck control articles such as Fall Lake & Pond Care and more!

Ice Fishing

If your dock is on a lake that freezes over in the winter, chances are you might do a little ice fishing. Weeder's Digest has you covered! From Ice Fishing Bucket Holders and Ice Auger Carriers that mount to a hitch on ATV/UTV, Ice Auger Mounts for ATV/UTV/Snowmobiles, to Digger Ice Angels/Icehouse anchors, your ice fishing experience just got better!

Everything Else

Weeder's Digest has irrigation pumps, lake and weed removal combo kits, pond fountains, fountain lights, Kasco Marine VFX aerating fountains, jet ski ports, goose control beacons, roll-in docks (for areas that experience freezing conditions in the winter), algae skimmers, boat dock bumpers, weed rakes, ice fishing safety Jackets by Strikemaster and so much more! We even have Lift Foil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards! Visit our Learning Center for articles on aeration and check out our full line of aeration products.

Your one-stop-shop

We don't just "sell" lake & pond management tools. The one thing that sets Weeders Digest apart from other companies is that we have a team of experts who are extremely knowledgeable about our products. As a result, we manufacture the best eco-friendly products for getting rid of and controlling seaweed & muck in lakes and ponds. We offer over 100 products, from high-quality aquatic weed & bottom sediment solutions to aeration units, fountains, harvesters, and much more!

Everyone's situation is unique--our professionals will listen to your needs or concerns and provide you with information that will help you make the most informed decision on the best possible products to resolve those issues; chances are we have a product that will solve your waterfront property problem.

Our mission is to improve lakefront and pond owner's quality of life.

And for those BIG jobs, check out our Amphibious Lake Weed Cutter andCollector and Lake Bottom Roller that eliminates lake weeds, muck and aids in the reduction of zebra mussels--the rolling action of the lake groomer's rollers loosen existing weeds while preventing new weeds from growing.

So, whether you know exactly what you need or have no idea where to start, we can help!

Check out the Weeders Digest website today or call us with any questions and let us help you find what you need for your lakefront dock. Being the one-stop shop that truly has a solution for every situation, no matter how severe.

6th Jul 2021 Weeders Digest

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