Filamentous Algae

Filamentous AlgaeIdentifying Filamentous Algae

Physical Characteristics

  • Single algae cells that form long visible chains, threads, or filaments
  • Filaments intertwine forming a mat that resembles wet wool

Where Does it Grow?

Filamentous algae starts growing along the bottom in shallow water or attached to structures in the water (like rocks or other aquatic plants). Often, filamentous algae floats to the surface forming large mats, which are commonly referred to as “Pond scums.” There are many species of filamentous algae and often more than one species will be present at the same time in the pond.

Filamentous Algae Control For Lakes & Ponds

Physical Management of Filamentous Algae

Filamentous Algae usually starts growing along the edges or bottom of a lake or pond and surfaces to the top when it has sustained enough oxygen. Filamentous Algae can easily cause fish kills by absorbing oxygen to survive and depriving fish of the oxygen they need to survive.

Products To Physically Manage Filamentous Algae

Algae Parachute Skimmer-          Parachute Skimmer

Our parachute skimmer measure 5 feet in width and comes with a 24 foot pull line. It is constructed of 2 horizontal bars, one which has a floating device, and a screening net.

When you throw the parachute skimmer into the lake or pond, the bottom bar drops and creates an opening to collect Filamentous Algae into the net as you pull it back to shore or to your boat.


Long Reach Lake Rake-          Long Reach Lake Rake

Our long reach lake rake has a 36 inch wide head and comes standard with an 11 foot handle that can easily be shortened or lengthened. It also comes with a 20 foot detachable rope that makes it possible to toss out into the lake and extend your reach.

When using this product to control Filamentous Algae, you will need to use the detachable float that comes with it. This product is ideal in areas that are thick with Filamentous Algae.


Rake Zilla Algae Rake-          RakeZilla

The RakeZilla is our newest invention and our customers just love it! This product can easily collect and scoop up Filamentous Algae at the bottom or floating on top of your lake or pond.

The RakeZilla comes with an extra wide 3 foot rake head with unbreakable 9 inch long teeth and a 7 foot or 11 foot long handle with a 25 foot rope that allows you to reach way out into your lake or pond. It weighs just 6.5 pounds and the optional float mount makes it the perfect tool for skimming Filamentous Algae off the surface or your lake or pond.


Automated Control of Filamentous Algae

For homeowners, automated control of Filamentous Algae is ideal when the your lake bottom has been cleared and you want to keep it that way without having to continuously labor away raking weeds.

Additionally, automated Filamentous Algae control products means there is no down time when it comes to enjoying your lakefront property. Whenever the need arises, simply throw on your swim suit and go jump in the water.

Automated Products To Control Filamentous Algae

Aqua Thruster Algae Control-          Aqua Thruster

The Aqua Thruster is the most effective tool to protect, clean and maintain your lakefront property from Filamentous Algae. This product has been our best seller for years because our customers love it and it prevents everything from muck, dead lake weeds, algae, leaves, twigs and other debris from building up on your lake bottom

The Aqua Thruster comes standard with a ½ horsepower 110 volt motor that is capable of blowing muck away up to 30 foot. We also have ¾, 1 and 2 horsepower motors available and an optional oscillator that will blow muck away 30 feet or more in 360 degrees.


AirStream Pro Algae Removal-          AirStream Pro

The AirStream Pro brings breakthrough technology with high volume circulation that will increase the oxygen throughout your lake or pond. Additionally, this product effectively reduces the phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon that lead to excessive Filamentous Algae growth.

The AirStream Pro is available with a 1.5 or 2 horsepower, 220 volt, 20-amp circuit motor with a circulation range of up to 120 feet and can cover up to 3 acres from one spot. With our float mount option you can literally cover a good sized lake or entire pond with this product.


Herbicide Control of Filamentous Algae

Herbicide control is a great option for Filamentous Algae because you can literally apply the herbicide and then sit back and let it do its work. Most herbicides can control Filamentous Algae throughout the season and only needs to be applied once a year.

Herbicide Products To Control Filamentous Algae

-          Hydrothol 191 Granular

Hydrothol 191 Granular is highly effective at killing Filamentous Algae in the application area and not away from the targeted area. It’s active ingredient is Endothall, mono (N,N-dimethyl alkylamine) salt.

Hydrothol 191 Granular is a slow releasing herbicide which accounts for its long lasting effects. Studies show Hydrothol 191 Granular present in the lake bottom 3 months after its application and had no effect on aquatic life because of the slow release of active chemicals.


Cutrine Plus Algaecide For Algae Control-          Cutrine Plus Algaecide

Cutrine Plus Algaecide is widely considered the friendliest algaecide when used properly. Currently it is registered for use in potable water reservoirs, fish and industrial ponds, lakes fish hatcheries and raceways, irrigation conveyance systems, ditches, canals and golf course water hazards.

Its active ingredient is copper which reacts with atmospheric oxygen forms a layer of brown-black copper oxide that is very effective at killing Filamentous Algae.


-          Flumigard Herbicide

Flumigard herbicide shows signs of Duckweed eradication within hours of application and generally yields a complete kill within 7 to 14 days. The active ingredient in Flumigard is Flumioxazin which was approved for aquatic use in 2010.