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Top 10 Aquatic Weed Control Products Available On The Market

Top 10 Aquatic Weed Control Products Available On The Market

The Most Popular Aquatic Weed Control Products For Sale By The Weeders Digest


In 2017 we set out to develop a rake that offered more value to our customers than other lake rakes. A few months of designing, weeks of testing, and many headaches later we were satisfied. Weeders Digest launched RakeZilla in early 2018, and it was an instant hit! 

People love this rake for many reasons but mainly because of its versatility. RakeZilla is ultimately a Rake, Skimmer & Pitch Fork all rolled into one. RakeZilla’s unbreakable 9” long tines give users the ability to rake in more weeds and debris without having it fall off the handle. 

The tines are also designed to scoop up piles with ease, eliminating the need for a pitch fork! RakeZilla comes with a rope, allowing you to throw it further out and pull in debris not reachable otherwise or attach the Float Kit and skim floating weeds and algae off the surface. 

The length of the handles can be adjusted from 4.5ft, 7ft or 11ft and have a curved padded handle making it easier on your body.

Aqua Thruster

Aqua Thruster

If you want a way to get rid of muck, dead organic matter, floating weeds, and debris around your lakefront property in an efficient, automated way, The Aqua Thruster is by far the best solution. 

This powerful machine is our first choice when customers want something that will resolve their lake or pond issues FAST! A 360 Oscillator provides the ability for a fully programmable sweep of your area, from 0 to 360 degrees, to maintain the areas you choose so you can “set it and forget it.” 

The Aqua Thruster is capable of clearing muck out up to a 175-foot area and clear surface debris up to 400 ft from one spot! The Aqua Thruster has several mounting options available, allowing users to place it anywhere along your dock or in your lake shore area. 

Our Aqua Thruster continues to be a best seller with a passionate and satisfied customer base. Get yours today!



The Weed Shear is the very first product we sold when we started our company and continues to be our best-selling lake weed cutter. 

This versatile tool is most effective at cutting rooted aquatic vegetation like Milfoil, Curlyleaf Pondweed, and Coontail. In addition, the Weed Shear comes with a sharpener, protective gloves, protective sleeves, and an attachable 25’ rope. 

Simply toss the Weed Shear from your docks, allow for a few seconds for the unit to sink, and retrieve in short tugging movements to ensure the best results. Your shoreline can improve dramatically over only a few passes!

Lake Groomer

Lake Weed Roller

For people with the main goal is to getting rid of living, rooted aquatic vegetation and minor muck without having to do any physical labor - The Lake Groomer is an excellent option. 

The steady action of the Lake Groomers rollers agitate the bottom just enough to uproot any weeds growing in its path and prevent new weeds from growing. This allows the Lake Groomer to completely eliminate lake weeds in up to 84-foot diameter in many cases. 

Furthermore, the Lake Groomer stirs up muck from the bottom which is subsequently deposited outside of the roller area, eventually drifting away. 

Our Lake Groomer can be mounted to any style dock or pier but we also offer a freestanding tri-pod mount, allowing it to be placed anywhere along your shoreline. One thing to keep in mind when exploring this solution is that it requires a DNR permit to operate, unlike some of our other automated solutions.

Manual Beach Roller

Beach Roller

The Beach Roller uses the same concept as our Lake Groomer except it is a hand held tool and much smaller. Manual Beach Rollers work well for maintaining a weed and muck free beach, especially in hard to access deep water areas with lighter vegetation. 

The primary action of the Manual Beach Roller allows the tool to sink to the lake bottom and cut/groom, as it rolls back and forth along the lake bottom, agitating the weeds and muck. Despite being a manual solution, it’s lightweight and easily maneuverable design makes the Beach Roller great for seniors and children, and a great way to get a little exercise while maintaining your shoreline.

Muck Reducer Pellets

Muck Pellets

In Layman’s Terms -  Shore Tech Muck Pellets are an eco-friendly probiotic containing beneficial bacteria that eliminates muck by eating it away. OR in more “scientific” terms: They enhance the natural digestion of the organic debris and muck that stores nitrogen and phosphorus while working in harmony with natural microbial communities to break down the complex compounds into smaller units and release carbon dioxide, water and energy in the process.

Oofta! We usually just stick to the Layman’s when discussing this with customers because people really just want to know that they work. 

The pellets do work well, but conditions have to be right for them to perform at their best. Water temperature, oxygen levels & type of bottom sediment you’re trying to control all play a factor in determining if Muck Pellets are the right solution. 

For most cases, the ideal application environment is dead leaves, tree debris, and other compostable organics decaying on the lake bottom. It’s also important to understand that not all “muck pellet” brands are the same. It took us years working with different bacteria products until we finally found the most effective solution: ShoreTech Muck Pellets.

AirStream Pro

Airstream Pro

This breakthrough technology brings jet aeration and high-volume circulation together to provide one high quality system. 

Efficient, effective and developed specially for increasing the circulation and oxygen throughout water in Ponds & Lakes to reduce aquatic vegetation, improve water quality & keep the life within alive and in good health.


Pond Fountains

Fountains are a great addition to any shoreline or pond. Not only do they offer critical surface movement, and aesthetic beauty, they also add oxygen to nutrient starved areas. 

This is good news for any fisherman in the family because water movement, and increased oxygen means more fish around your dock! 

We have dozens of models to choose from ranging from 1/4hp up to 7.5hp options! Many come with multiple spray patterns as well as color changing led lights, customizable with each fountain package. Improve the health of your lake or pond, and make your neighbors jealous with a beautiful fountain!

Swimmer Itch Guard

Swimmers Itch Guard

Swimmer’s Itch Guard is the only product available that PREVENTS swimmers itch. The product is very water resistant, goes on clear, non-staining gel that contains natural plant oils that prevent swimmer’s itch from penetrating the skin. When applied properly, and before entering the water, Swimmer's Itch Guard is 100% effective in preventing swimmer's itch

Not so FUN FACT about Swimmers Itch

Swimmers Itch is caused by microscopic parasites that infect some birds and mammals. If your shoreline has snails living in it and an infected animal poops near them, these parasites then infect the snails. 

While the parasite's preferred host is birds and other animals, if the parasite comes into contact with a swimmer ( you ), it burrows into your skin, dies and causes an allergic reaction and rash. 

27th Mar 2020 Weeder Digest

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