How To Get Rid Of Algae In Pond

algae-lakeweed-lake-pond-23.pngPond Algae Removal & Control

As the summer months roll on, pond algae control is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy body of water. When algae starts to take over your lakeshore, it will discolor the water and suck out the oxygen, asphyxiating other life forms. Certain types of algae are even toxic to humans and pets. When you see excessive algae growth it is a sure indication that you have problems with your water quality.  Your shoreline area will become unsuitable for fish, important aquatic organisms, other animals and for activities such as swimming and fishing.

Here are are few pond algae solutions and treatment to help you get rid of algae in a pond or lake

There are numerous ways to deal with the types of algae that may be causing you issues in your body of water. Below we will talk about:

  • Manual Pond Algae Control Tools
  • Automated & Machines that control algae
  • All Natural Products
  • And the best algaecides for killing algae

Using any of the following pond algae control products alone or in combination with each other to get rid of pond / lake algae and then using proactive prevention solutions will help reduce future growth. 

The top products for manually removing algae from your pond or lake: Using an Algae skimmer net is one great option for removing it from the surface. The 

skimmer makes it easy to quickly clear an area and maintain it. Like floating weeds, when algae dies and sinks to the bottom of the water, it will decompose and will contribute to a new layer of muck. Collecting algae at the surface is the perfect preventative measure to combat this sludge accumulation on your beach.

Our Long Reach Rake  will also work to skim algae because of the detachable float but has the added benefit of being label to collect what has been pulled in as well as clean up on the bottom of your shoreline.

Automated Pond Algae Control Products: Our top choice for Automated Algae Control is the AquaThruster. This product works for algae, weeds & muck in the way that a leaf blower works for leaves in your yard. It creates a powerful current water flow on the surface that blows and pushes suspended algae and weeds far away from your shoreline. It also helps in preventing and protecting your area from more floating in.  People use the AquaThruster in their ponds both as a solution to algae, sea weed and sludge along with it being a preventative measure.  In smaller ponds, the AquaThruster is great because it can help move everything to the edges of the shoreline so that it is much easier to collect and get rid of with a rake or pitch fork.

Another excellent completely labor free algae solutions is The Airstream Pro. It combines the powerful circulation of the AquaThruster but also adds high volume aeration. With proper aeration, this effectively reduces the phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon that lead to excessive weed and algae growth. The Airstream and items such as Aerating Fountains are perfect for lake shore owners looking to reduce the algae because of the aeration they provide which combats weeds and muck and to reverse the water stagnation in channels, coves and bays through the use of aeration. 

Chemical and All Natural Pond Algae Solutions

When using an algeacide to combat algae in your lake or pond, a product like Cutrine Plus works great and is EPA approved for use in drinking water reservoirs, irrigation conveyance systems such as canals and ditches and of course in your body of water. We suggest using our copper algaecide Cutrine Plus & Bio-Chemical Catalyst Combo Pack to increase effectiveness and allow for less chemical us. For even better results try using Cutrine with both Liquid Bacteria & Bio-Chemical Catalyst to improve and speed up the process of eliminating algae. You can also purchase a combo pack to take care of all your algae needs.

cutrine-catalyst-combo-smaller.jpg  blackpackplus-smaller.jpg


Whether you have large amounts of algae already or are looking to take the necessary steps to keep it from showing up, it is important to identify the factors that cause algae to thrive and eliminate them.  Equally important is using the proper tools, products and methods to assist you in taking preventative measures along with maintaining your lake or pond to have a healthy and thriving body of water.

There is nothing more disheartening than watching your water column turn green with planktonic algae, turning the water into a green colored scum. Or watching the filamentous algae, with its thick, green hair-like strands building up on your shoreline or on the waterfall feature of your pond. A pond or lake with this kind of algae buildup, with plenty of nutrients and the summer sunlight helping feed it, will quickly take over. Read more about the two main types of algae in a previous article in our Learning Center.