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Weeders Digest

  • Aqua thruster lake muck blower fan weeders digest Aqua thruster blows lake muck and weeds away and cleans shoreline and beach area

    Aqua Thruster - Lake Muck & Weed Blower

    The AquaThruster  The AquaThruster by Weeders Digest is the most effective tool to help protect, clean & maintain your shoreline & beach. This multi-purpose lake muck blower will...

    $1,249.00 - $4,346.00
  • Aqua Thruster Freestanding Bottom Frame

    Aqua Thruster with Freestanding Frame

            RID & PROTECT YOUR LAKE, POND OR BEACH FROM MUCK, SLUDGE, ALGAE, FLOATING WEEDS & DEBRIS.   Note: This page is for the AquaThruster with...

    $1,249.00 - $4,346.00
  • Dock Plate Mount Dock Plate Mount

    Dock Plate Mount

    The Dock Plate Mount for the Aqua Thruster allows you to easily install on any part of your dock surface using a few bolts. This is a “semi-permanent” option for those who have no...

  • Aquatic Lake Weed Harvester Cutter Puller Skimmer Collector Boat Machine Eco Cutter Eco-Cutter | Aquatic Weed Harvester

    Eco-Cutter | Aquatic Weed Harvester

            Eco-Cutter The Eco-Cutter is unique because it cuts and collects submersed vegetation like Milfoil, Curly-leaf pond weed, or Hydrilla as well as emergent vegetation...

  • Aquatic Lake Weed Harvesters Lake Weed Harvester for sale

    Eco-Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvester

    Aquatic Weed Harvester Introducing the one and only Eco Harvester. This is generation 2.5 is the only machine in the world that both pulls aquatic vegetation by the root system and skims floating,...

  • Lilly Pad Root Ripper Cutter Puller Remover Lily Pad Ripper | Lily Pad Root Puller

    Lily Pad Ripper | Lily Pad Root Puller

    Lily Pad Root Ripper, Cutter, Killer & Remover The only sure way to kill lily pads is to break their roots enough to drown them. When the Lily Pad Ripper is pulled along the bottom of your lake...



            The Long Reach Lake Rake provides the user with a long handle and wide head. This makes it one of the best options for raking and removing seaweed, debris and algae...

    $89.99 - $109.98