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Motorized Aquatic Weed Tools

  • Get rid of lake weeds and prevent Muck sludge clean beach Aqua Thruster AquaThruster dock mount - Bolts to any dock

    Aqua Thruster - Lake Muck Blower

    The AquaThruster  The AquaThruster by Weeders Digest is the most effective tool to help protect, clean & maintain your shoreline & beach. This multi-purpose lake shore management tool will meet, or exceed your expectations when used...

  • Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG) | Gas Powered Cattail Cutter gas powered cattail lily pad pond lake weed cutter

    Aquatic Vegetation Groomer | Cattail Cutter

    Gas Powered Underwater Cattail Cutter The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG) is a gas powered underwater aquatic weed cutting machine designed for cutting every kind aquatic vegetation including Cattails, bulrush, lily pads and more.  Powerful enough...

  • Aquatic Seaweed lake pond weed water Mower Cutter that mounts to boat Aquatic Seaweed lake pond weed water Mower Cutter that mounts to boat

    Aquatic Mower | Lake Weed Cutter

      The Aquatic Mower – Everything You've Ever Wanted in One Powerful Aquatic Weed Cutter This electric battery powered heavy duty lake weed cutter has been designed to be one of the most effective and user friendly boat mounted...

  • Lake Groomer For Lake Weed Removal. Rollers Get rid of muck and aquatic weeds fast Lake Weed Groomer - Automated aquatic weed & muck removal and prevention to get rid of seaweed & sediment

    Lake Groomer | Lake Weed Roller

    Lake Bottom Roller That Eliminates Lake Weeds & Muck The rolling action of the Lake Groomers rollers will dislodge and existing weeds and prevent new weeds from growing. Furthermore, the Lake Groomer stirs up muck from the bottom of the lake and...

  • Aqua Thruster Freestanding Bottom Frame

    Aqua Thruster with Freestanding Frame

    RID & PROTECT YOUR LAKE, POND OR BEACH FROM MUCK, SLUDGE, ALGAE, FLOATING WEEDS & DEBRIS.   Note: This page is for the AquaThruster with the FreeStanding Frame option. If that is what your here for please keep reading below...

  • Aerators for getting rid of muck in lake pond beach - high oxygen transfer AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

    AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

      Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package Are you a lakefront owner looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae around your shoreline—minus the harmful chemical herbicides? Are you the steward of a channel, canal, cove, bay...

  • AVG aquatic vegetation cattail lily pad reed cutter mower Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Attachment

    Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Attachment

    This page is ONLY for the Float Mount Attachment used with our Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG). Click Here to learn more or buy the (AVG) AVG with Float Attachment: The Float Attachment for the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is a great option to...

  • Lake Groomer Lake Weed Removal Machine for beach Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Basic Package

    Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Basic Package

    The Beach Groomer – A Multitasking Lakeshore Tool No more lake muck or weed covering your swimming area. The Beach Groomer is a portable and free standing weed control device weighing in at 25 pounds. It is fitted with wheels - a handle that can...

  • Aqua Thruster with Float Mount

    The float option for the AquaThruster is a good solution if you don’t have a dock/pier and want to blast algae and floating debris plus circulate stagnant water as the Aquathruster sits two feet below the float.  Note: This page is for the...

  • AVG Parts Package - Blade, Oil, Spark Plug

    Included in Package: 1 x Blade Set 2 x Containers of Oil 1 x Spark Plug Flat rate shipping price of 10.00   Our cutting blades for the  Aquatic Vegetation Groomer are built to last. After many hours of use they can start to get dull...

  • Beach Groomer - Lakeshore management muck removal prevention water powered tool from weeders digest

    Beach Groomer | Aquatic Weed Control | Deluxe Package

    The Beach Groomer Remove Lake Weeds and Lake Muck The Beach Groomer is a portable lake weed and lake muck removing tool that gets rid of both rooted and dead weeds underwater on your lake shore. It removes aquatic weeds by dragging chains in a 360...

  • Aquatic Lake Weed Harvesters Lake Weed Harvester for sale

    Eco-Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvester

    Aquatic Weed Harvester The Eco Harvester pulls weeds up from the roots, harvesting them to be recycled and reused as mulch or animal feed.  Its an environmentally friendly way to harvest aquatic plant and the only harvester that works in this...