The Best Pond Weed Control Products Of 2022

The Best Pond Weed Control Products Of 2022

Pond Weed Control Products For Any Budget

Pond weed control products are necessary for any pond owner. There are a variety of products that can be used to help control the growth of weeds in your pond.

The price of these products varies depending on the type you choose and the types of pond weeds you are trying to control.

Most Affordable Pond Weed Control Products


The most affordable pond weed control products are lake weed cutters and lake weed rakes. Lake weed cutters and rakes start as low as $89 and are a one time purchase that can last you years.

Our most affordable pond or lake weed rake is the Long Reach Lake Rake. This lake rake comes standard with a 11 foot long handle and a 36 inch wide head. You also have the option of purchasing an extension that can reach up to 16.5 feet.

Our most popular and still extremely affordable lake rake is the Rake Zilla. The name really says it all, the Rake Zilla is a heavy duty lake rake that is 40 inches wide and has 9 inch long teeth.

Next on the list is our most popular lake weed cutter, the Weed Shear. The Weed Shear is a V shaped lake weed cutter that you throw out into your lake or pond. As you pull the Weed Shear back to shore it drags along the bottom of the lake or pond and cuts submerged lake weeds at their roots.

Affordable Aquatic Herbicide

Rodeo Herbicide

Our aquatic herbicides come second on the list of most affordable pond weed control products simply because you may need to reapply these products throughout the years. However, if you simply don’t have the time or energy to use lake weed rakes and cutters, aquatic herbicides may be the way to go.

The price and type of aquatic herbicide you will need is all going to depend on the type of aquatic plants you have growing in your pond.

We carry a wide variety of aquatic herbicides including Hydrothol 191, Aquathol, Rodeo, Navigate and Clipper herbicides. These herbicides can help you control everything from floating plants like algae and duckweed, submerged lake weeds like milfoil and hydrilla and emergent lake weeds like cattails and water shield.

Affordable, Automated Pond Weed Control Products

Aqua Thruster Lake Muck Blower

If time is more valuable to you than money is, our automated pond weed control products allow you to “set it and forget it” when it comes to keeping a weedless lakefront area.

Our most popular product in this category is the Aqua Thruster. The Aqua Thruster also known as a lake muck blower, lake weed blower, bottom lake aqua sweep and muck blaster, is a mechanical machine that provides a current that keeps muck a lake weeds from settling in your lakefront area.

With the 360 degree oscillator options and plenty of mounting options, the Aqua Thruster can defend against floating weeds and algae for up to a 200 foot radius.

Next on the list of affordable, automated pond weed control products is the Lake Groomer. The Lake Groomer is a mechanical device equipped with roller tubes designed to stir up muck and cut lake weeds at the bottom of your pond.

The Lake Groomer gives you a diameter of up to 42 feet of coverage and can be mounted on your dock or on a free standing frame that can be placed anywhere in your pond.

Complete Pond Weed Control Products for Associations & Businesses

Aquatic Weed Harvester Water Gator

If it is your responsibility to manage one or more lakes or ponds, we have the big boy tools that will help make your job easy.

The most affordable option that can help you manage a number of smaller ponds is our Neptune Rake. The Neptune Rake acts as a harvester and dredger that can help you eliminate submerged pond weeds and decomposed vegetation and muck at the bottom of your lake or pond.

For bigger pond weed control projects we recommend checking out our Water Gator. The Water Gator is a remote controlled aquatic harvester that cuts, skims and collects pond weeds up to 3 feet deep in your lake or pond. The skimming width of the Water Gator is 42 inches and has a range of up to 1,000 feet and a battery lifetime of up to 8 hours.

Need something even bigger? Check out our Eco Harvester. At one third the price of traditional harvester, the Eco Harvester is 95% effective at uprooting aquatic vegetation and can easily be operated by just 1 person.

What Pond Weed Control Products Are Right For You?

There is no one size fits all solution to controlling aquatic weeds in your lake or pond and that is why we have expert staff that is dedicated to helping your find the right solutions.

Whether you need help identifying the type of lake weed growing in your pond or you need recommendations about the best products to help you get your pond weeds under control, give us a call at (877) 224-4899 or hit the green get help button to talk to a representative today.

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